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What is the difference between Wage and Income?
Wage and income are not totally referring to the same thing, but they are interrelated. Wage simply means the amount of money paid to someone for a specified quantity of work. Wages can come in different ways. There are some you get on a monthly basi
What is the difference between Hicks and Slutsky?
Hicks and Slutsky may be confusing to people who have never tried to know more about microeconomics. If by any chance that you need to know more about this now, you should know that HIcks is the method that will be used when the consumer would need t
Which capital maintenance concept is applied to currently reported net income, and which is applied to comprehensive income under the conceptual framework of FASB?
1. currently reported net income= financial capital - comprehensive income = financial capital-the financial capital maintenance concept is the traditional basis of financial statements as well as the full set of financial statements, including compr
What is the time limit for Extended Business Income coverage under the BOP?A. 30 daysB. 45 daysC. 60 daysD. 90 days
30 daysA is correct. Extended Business Income coverage begins after the insureds operations are resumed and continues until the insured is restored to the previous earning condition or for 30 consecutive days (unless a different length of time is spe