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Let’s see if we can bring you on board and explore the satellites: do you remember the name and year that the USSR launched its first artificial satellite and thus triggered the Cold War Space Race? Or maybe you can point out the year and name of the first US artificial satellite that was launched in response?

Let’s go for something a little bit more ambitious: what is the planet that has the most natural satellites of all the planets in our Solar System? How many satellites does Pluto have? Ok, if all of these are sounding just a bit too non-practical, then riddle me this: when was the GPS system put in place by the US and what is the name of its Russian counterpart?

There we go, a little bit of friendly rivalry always bring out that competitive spirit. Ready to get down to the real questions?
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Satellites Quiz

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    Sky broadcasts using RF (Radio Frequencies)?

Chapters 1 and 2

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    A user inputs data into a computer, and then the computer processes it.

Quiz for the Website

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    How many GPS satellites are currently functioning in space?

It is amazing how science has enabled us have objects floating in space to support among other things communication on earth. Satellites not only help with communication but also with Astronomy. Newt 4009 lecture 5 has more.

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    The __________ system is used to make telephone calls directly using satellites.

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Satellite Questions & Answers

What is the difference between PSLV and GSLV?
PSLV is Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, and GSLV is Geosynchronous satellite systems were developed by the Indian Space Research Organization to launch satellites into orbit. The PSLV is older than the GSLV. The GSLV has a much higher load capacity t
What are three characteristics of satellite internet connections?
Their upload speed is about 10 percent of their download speed They are frequently used by rural users without access to the other high-speed connections