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Do you know what makes you? Are you aware of what forms everything that you are? Many people are familiar with DNA but many people are less familiar with RNA, even though it brings with it similar levels of importance. RNA is a molecule that is polymeric. It is a nucleic acid the same as DNA.

RNA is found in nature often as a single strand which folds into itself rather than the double strand that DNA is. Messenger RNA is used by many cellular organisms to relay genetic information to specific proteins. Viruses often encode genetic information through the RNA genome. Do you know in what active role RNA plays within cells? See how biologically savvy you are by taking one of our many online quizzes. 

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  • Sample Question
    Which of the following does not occur in the cytoplasm

QUIZ ONLINE CHAPTER 10. Synthesis and Processing of RNA

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    Kejadian ketika RNA polimerase mengabaikan sinyal terminasi dan melanjutkan pemanjangan transkripnya hingga sinyal kedua dicapai

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  • Sample Question
    Of the following eukaryotic RNA polymerases which is the only one not located in the nucleoplasm?

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    During ___, RNA molecules are linked together by the enzyme RNA polymerase

Review quiz for the topic of chemical selection and the RNA world.

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  • Sample Question
    In the RNA world, what two functions did RNA have?

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