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Punnett Square Questions and Answers

  • A heterozygous tall (Tt) plant is crossed at with a short plant (tt). The probability that offspring plants will be tall is:
    Punnett square question from

  • Organisms that have two different alleles for a particular trait are said to be:
    Punnett square question from

  • According to the dihybrid cross below, what proportion of peas would be green and smooth?
    Punnett square question from

  • Punnett squares are used by geneticists to determine the probability of different offspring genotypes. What letter(s) belong in the lower right box if one parent is homologous recessive and the other it heterozygous?  
    Punnett square question from

  • If two people who are both carriers for a genetically inherited fatal recessive disease decide to become parents, what will be the odds that their children will also be carriers?
    Punnett square question from

  • If two parents are heterozygous for a genetically inherited dominant trait, what is the probability that they will have a child together who has this trait in his or her phenotype?
    Punnett square question from

  • Probability is

  • What are the possible genotypes of the children in this Punnett square?

  • If you cross 2 heterozygous parents (using the letter 'A') what is the percentage the children will end up having a dominant trait?

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