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It is now a big part of our lives and it will probably manage to remain that way for quite some time. After its introduction, the personal computer has managed to make its way into our homes and now we depend on it for a lot of things that we need done. So what else do you know about personal computers? Do you know some of the great minds that contributed to its development? Or maybe you know some of the great developments regarding it?

How did early PC owners manage to obtain their own programs in order to do something useful with the PC itself? What are the four main types of PCs existent nowadays? What was the name of the first commercial desktop personal computer? Try out our personal computer quizzes and become a computer geek.

Allows students to display competency within Unit ICAU1128B - Operate a Personal Computer, in Certificate II in Information Technology

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     External peripherals are

In today's era if you don't know how to operate a computer then you are not counted as Techno savvy. Whether its school, college or office computer is a necessity for completing any task. Even computer...

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    Which of the following is NOT an output device.

 A Desktop computer is a personal computer that includes a monitor, mouse, keyboard and a tower as shown in the picture on the left.

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    What does USB stand for?

History of the PC 1970 to Modern & Computer Parts

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    What did the Advanced Research Project Agency, a branch of the military during the Cold War create in order to keep the flow of information in the event of a nuclear attack?

This quiz assesses elements 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 -  Prepare to use the personal computer from ICAICT101A of Certificate 1 in Information, Digital Media and Technology.

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    In order to access a secure network a user must have a

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Personal Computer Questions & Answers

Is the following true or false? The average laptop uses only half as much energy as a desktop PC.
1. false-the average laptop does a lot better than that - it consumes one fifth the energy of a desktop pc. so, if you&rsquot;re going to own only one computer, seriously consider a laptop instead of desktop model. if a laptop won&rsquot;t work for y
Is the following true or false? Recycling printer cartridges is greener than refilling them.
1. false-printer and ink companies want consumers to pay for new oem ink cartridges, and so they may offer a slight discount for sending them used cartridges to recycle, but there is little or no energy savings. refilling with ink is very inexpensive