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Do you know what are the basic categories of operating systems out there? Where was the original Unix operating system developed? Since when has the original Mac OS been Apple’s basic operating system? Take our online operating system quizzes to learn interesting facts and trivia about the most popular operating systems in history.
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This quiz covers introduction to operating system, process management and CPU scheduling.

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    Which of the following in not an Operating System?

Do You Have Basic Knowledge About Operating Systems? This quiz lets you test your knowledge on some essential terms of Operating Systems. So, it is suggested that every computer science student take it as it covers some quite...

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     ______ is used in an operating system to separate mechanism from policy.

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    Booting is the process of permanently removing a computer from operation.

Select the correct answer

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    Which system tools is used to migrate file?

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    Virtual memory space is always smaller than physical memory space.

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Operating System Questions & Answers

What is the difference between GRUB and LILO?
As you are aware that there are a lot of software programs that can be used to boot the operating system of a computer, GRUB or Grand Unified Bootloader and LILO are just two of these software programs out of many others that exist. One of the major
What is the difference between Android and BlackBerry?
It’s now a reality that without a mobile phone, one cannot keep up in this fast-changing world because smartphones are a necessity for everyone; smartphones have conquered the world and gain dominion over the people living in the fast lane. And
What is the "critical region" in an Operating System (OS)?
There are times when people would be pressing to open one program several times when the program can only be opened one at a time. This is the critical period because the OS does not allow this to occur. Not all of the regions in the operating system
What is the difference between Mac and Windows?
Mac and Windows are both computer systems but use different operating systems. The two operating systems being used by these two computer systems are products of two different companies. While Mac OS X is used by Apple as its main operating system, W
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