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What is the difference between SU and SUDO?
The terms SU and SUDO are often seen on Linux. They are used to run different commands with root permissions to do anything to the system. SU or Super User is where the user executes with no additional options where all you have to do is type in the
What is the difference between Ubuntu and Linux?
Ubuntu and Linux Mint are the two preferred desktop Linux allocations. Linux Mint and Ubuntu are interrelated. Mint is based on Ubuntu. Ubuntu and Linux mint has become increasingly distinctive Linux distributions with different ideas over time. Li
What command allows you to open and view a file one page at a time?
There are multiple ways of viewing a file. You can view all the pages on an overview mode. You can also view it page by page, in order to enable the page by page mode you need to press less, more. This will open the sequential pages of the file. Eve
Which of the following commands can be used to change the group owner of a file?
Should this not be chown and chgrp? LinuxChownCommandExamples toChange OwnerandGroup. The concept ofownerandgroupsfor files is fundamental toLinux. Every file is associated with anownerand agroup. You can use chown and chgrpcommandstochangetheownero