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What is the difference between Laptop and Netbook?
You want to buy a new computer. You really want something that you can use at home and then take it with you. Many years ago, that was impossible because the computer was big and stayed on your desk. It was hooked up with many wires and cords. There
How can you increase your laptop's battery life?
There are all kinds of ways that one can help with the increasing of the battery life of a laptop. One way is to check the power settings. These can be regulated with means less power can be used. WiFi and BlueTooth will certain drain and put strain
What should you do if a student says his or her document wont print?
Ask if the patron received the screen that asks for a username and password. if not, the best thing to do is look at the computer he or she is printing from. if it is a pdf, check that the document is not large (will hold up printers and be deleted).