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A desktop is a type of computer that was meant to remain in a single location, both due to its size and power requirements. They are among the oldest of the personal computers and date all the way back to the 1960s and 1970s. Practically ancient in computer time.
A desktop is composed of many components, such as a monitor, power supply, and hard drive, just to name a few. Are you browsing on a laptop? A tablet perhaps? Or maybe we caught you using a desktop. Whether you are sitting at one or not, it is time to see how well you can unravel the components and uses of a desktop computer with these quizzes. 
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Choose the correct vocabulary word to complete each sentence.

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    You put things in the _____ that you no longer need or want.

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    What are benefits of VDI?

This is usefull for desktop support profile.

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    . Processors of all computers, whether micro, mini or mainframe must have ?

More question on Module 2

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    Which of the following options will allow you to change from the curent installed printer to another installed printer?

Random questions about desktops/towers

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    What must you wear when handling internal hardware?

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Desktop Questions & Answers

What does the term 'Desktop' refer to?
The initial screen showing icons for folders, files, and applications.
How to you open a program when there isn't an icon on the desktop for the one you want to use?
Click the START button and select the program from the menu to open a program when there isn't an icon on the desktop for the one you want to use. Right clicking will not reveal all the icons, restarting the computer will not create an icon of the p
What is the difference between Workstation and Desktop?
Workstation and desktop are computers used for different purposes. A desktop is used mostly at home and in the office while the workstations are mostly used in the workplace. A desktop can be easily operated by anyone that knows a computer, it runs
What is the difference between Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance?
Remote desktop and remote assistance are very similar when you compare the technology they use to carry out their functions. Remote desktop is a technology that allows you to use or access your computer via another computer. This means you can be in