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Have you ever wondered what people used to use before the internet when they wanted to know something? What happened when they had a hard essay they needed to complete on time? They went to the library, right? Of course they did!

However, now that we have the internet, how much do you know about libraries? Can you answer questions about the sorting system they use for the books? Can you tell which libraries are the world's largest? Which books are most often taken out? After this, you'll want to take some books out to see if you were right!
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Not everyone enjoys reading books but the ones that do, get very invested in their storyline and how interesting it is. Students are the ones to visit the libraries when they need to get research for their assignments and...

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    Spine labels have no more than 5 letters on them.  In some cases an author's name is longer than 5 letters and some spine labels will look the same even if the author's names are different. Look at the following list and pick the correct order of the following authors: Sandra Brown, Marie Browning, Dan Brown, Jill Conner Browne, Rita Mae Brown, Dale Brown

When it comes to the library there is a way in which the books are arranged for ease of retrieval and a library assistant should have adequate knowledge of these techniques. The quiz below is designed to test your understanding...

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    __________ is a style of writing.

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    Which one of the following library is recently changed to  super speciality paediatric hospital.

Working in a library is a lot harder than stamping the inside cover and taking in late fees, you need to have a firm grip on the English language so that you can organize and shelve books in an effective and alphabetical manner....

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    Which one shows the words in correct alphabetical order?

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    An abstract is...

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What key word(s) wil you use? If you are using a research database to look for articles for this research topic: Has advertising had a positive or negative effect on American culture? Use AND, OR,...
When we are finding the positive and negative effects of advertising on American culture, we shall definitely write the text like "Positive AND Negative effects of advertising" or "Positive OR Negative effects of advertising".
What section of the library would a book with these spine labels go in?
Libraries use a system called the dewey decimal system to put books into a specific order and label them so that they are easy to find when someone is looking for a specific book. This system was first used by Melvil Dewey in 1876. It has been revise
Which of the following age ranges have both a Fiction section and a Non-Fiction section? A. Easy: Materials geared to non-reading children to emerging new readers. Birth -1st grade B....
Easy: Materials geared to non-reading children to emerging new readers. Birth -1st grade2. Juvenile: Material geared to elementry school students who can read on their own. 2nd grade - 5th grade3. Teen: Material geared to middle school students. 6th
Which was the first library in the world?
(C) Library of Alexandria. Library of the Alexandria or ancient library of Alexandria in modern-day Egypt was the first ever library of the world.