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Have you ever wondered what people used to use before the internet when they wanted to know something? What happened when they had a hard essay they needed to complete on time? They went to the library, right? Of course they did!

However, now that we have the internet, how much do you know about libraries? Can you answer questions about the sorting system they use for the books? Can you tell which libraries are the world's largest? Which books are most often taken out? After this, you'll want to take some books out to see if you were right!
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Not everyone enjoys reading books but the ones that do, get very invested in their storyline and how interesting it is. Students are the ones to visit the libraries when they need to get research for their assignments and...

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    Spine labels have no more than 5 letters on them.  In some cases an author's name is longer than 5 letters and some spine labels will look the same even if the author's names are different. Look at the following list and pick the correct order of the following authors: Sandra Brown, Marie Browning, Dan Brown, Jill Conner Browne, Rita Mae Brown, Dale Brown

When it comes to the library there is a way in which the books are arranged for ease of retrieval and a library assistant should have adequate knowledge of these techniques. The quiz below is designed to test your understanding...

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    __________ is a style of writing.


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    Which one of the following library is recently changed to  super speciality paediatric hospital.

Working in a library is a lot harder than stamping the inside cover and taking in late fees, you need to have a firm grip on the English language so that you can organize and shelve books in an effective and alphabetical manner....

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    Which one shows the words in correct alphabetical order?

Library research is the most complex process of collecting and researching information for writing an article or preparing a project. This pretest quiz is to find out the level of your information literacy skills. If you do it...

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    Call Number is:


Welcome to a quiz on Library and Information Science where we intend to help increase and update your knowledge in the merging of library science and information science, something that occurred in the late part of the 1960s when...

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Below is an Opac: Online Public Access Catalog Library Search Skills Quiz. Libraries contain a lot of books, and if one is not able to understand how books are arranged, they may waste time looking for one particular book. This...

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Library research is the most complicated process of gathering information to prepare or write an article or present a project. It needs a lot of patience to discover new topics from various books and archives, which require the...

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Are you familiar with Harper college, and do you think you can pass this quiz? Every fine learning institution has a library. Some libraries have more than others. What you get at the Harper college library includes various...

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Citing Sources

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Some people think that a source is a source and as long as it is an authoritative source everything should be alright. Well, it seems that even amongst authoritative sources some have more weight than others and that's the...

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Test Your Knowledge about Library and Librarian in preparation for the communications exam. For you to effectively communicate, you need access to information, and this is easily accessible through libraries. Take up this quiz...

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Below is a Library and Information Science Trivia Questions Quiz. The library is the home of all the information one would be looking for regarding any subject. As an information science student, it is important to ensure that...

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Below is a quiz on the Online Public Access Catalog for those looking to test their Library Search Skills! Understanding how the Opac system works saves someone a lot of time and is a tool that is very helpful for someone who is...

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Here is a quiz on how to how to keep a book in a library. Libraries have been the place where book lovers come to quench their hunger for knowledge or interesting stories in order to find a book in a section, and people employ...

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Being a fulltime librarian is no easy task, but with enough passion, you will definitely do a good job. Below is a Library Research Skills Test that is designed to help you out when it comes to reviewing all that we have covered...

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The IUSO library assessment test is an integral exam in your curriculum. Contrary to what many people think the library is a very important function in a school and want it or not you will spend some time in one. Please choose...

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When arranging materials, sort first by the whole number (the three digits before the decimal). If there is more than one item with the same whole number, sort by the number following the decimal point. For example: 800, 808.09,...

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