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The crime you are charged with is that you kicked your neighbors dog. It is your turn to speak
Just keep saying "I didn t do it."Attempting to minimize the action, reverse the accusation against your accuser, or appeal to logic is a clear sign that you are, in fact, guilty, and that its only a matter of breaking you down. When youre really inn
Which of the following is true regarding the denial of employment based wholly or partly because of information contained in a consumer credit report?
The user of the report must advise the applicant that an adverse action has been taken and supply the name and address or addresses of the consumer credit reporting agency making the report.-a p.i. agency can be viewed as a consumer credit reporting
Match the following characteristic of true evidence
Must produce result that are clear and easy to understand, even among the most non-technical members of a jury If the evidence you uncover will not stand up in court, you have wasted your time and possibly allowed a guilty party to go unpunished Ther
Robert is a retail sales clerk. One day, he sees an old detective show on T.V. and decides he’d like to be a “Private Investigator” despite having no experience in the PI...
Bsis may issue robert a citation with an administrative fine of up to $5,000 and where appropriate, an order of abatement. -prior to december 2011, bsis lacked enforcement authority over misdemeanor violations of the private investigator act. an exam