Incident Report Quizzes & Trivia

Accidents happen, and sometimes things don’t go the way they are supposed to. For schools, nursing homes, health care facilities, and other organizations, it can be very complicated. They are responsible for others, and there can be consequences when things go wrong. When they encounter a problem, they fill out an incident report..
Every incident report includes basic information, such as the names of people involved, the date and time, and where it happened. Did you know that it’s very important to fill it out as soon as possible? Did you know that in addition to patient or student injuries, incident reports are used when a staff member of visitor is injured as well? They can even be used for complaints, lost items, or any other situation that might occur. If you think you’re an expert on safety paperwork, try out our quizzes and see where you stand!

The purpose of Incident Report training is to familiarize staff with the knowledge, tools, and techniques to understand how to better complete Arbor WeCARE’s Incident Report. This training will explore beyond the Standard...

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    What is considered an "Incident?" (select all that apply)

This is a short check-up quiz on your knowledge about out Incident Management Process (and some procedures). These are just super easy questions. You have 30 minutes to answer 15 questions. Passing grade is 85%.If you get a...

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    Incident Management is responsible for _______________, _______________, ______________, ______________ and ________________ incidents.

Questions on the Daily Activity Report (DAR).

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    How are Daily Activity Reports filled out at Lockheed Martin facilities?

Lesson # 29 Incident Report

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          Purpose for a basic fire incident report include:

Quiz will be used to test your knowledge of Incident Reporting

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    An Incident Report is a factual account of the events that occur at the club.

Incident Report Questions & Answers

Yes or No: When setting an Incident Ticket to Waiting for Other Party, does the TTO SLO stop?
NoNo, because the customer does not care whether our team or other teams are working on the issue. Whats important for them is that the issue gets resolved.
Why should YOU report an Incident? (select all that apply)
If there is a documented pattern we may be able to provide assistance in proactively responding to the incident. Your reports allow us to collect and distribute better information about Incident activity. (Ex. Spot trends) Reporting incidents helps t