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ICT is an acronym for information and computer technologies, and is roughly the same as “IT”, but with a more structured focus on unified communications, telecommunications and software for information storage. This concept covers any product that will retrieve, transmit, manipulate, receive or store digital electronic information, such as personal computers, tablets and smartphones. The term is also used in reference to the convergence of telephone and audio-visual networks with computer networks. Did you know the term ICT first became popular in 1997 when Dennis Stevenson used it in a report to the UK government?

You’ll learn this and more with our ICT topic quizzes. What is the 2014 ICT budget for the US Government? What percent have ICT budgets in companies grown since 2002? What is the ICT Development Index and what does it serve to benchmark? Which country has the ICT Development Index’s top ranking? What’s the difference between a LAN and a WAN? If you want to dig deeper into the nature of information, the management of information, and the strategy behind managing information systems, then our quizzes are for you.
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    Which leading computer software bussnies created programes like Spread Sheet, Word and Power point?

A quiz on computer systems

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    A monitor displays information...

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    Which one of these is a type of viruses?

Information technology is one of the most commonly used tools in business as it removes some boundaries that existed when the world did not have the internet. Everything had to be written on paper. The ICT quiz below is medium...

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    Besides Windows and OS X, what is the most popular OS in the world?

This is Quizz For Student Of 92 Junior High Grade 8 Only

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    This Following Program is to create word prosessor, exept...?

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ICT Questions & Answers

What is the most popular OS in the world besides Windows and OS X?
Linux is the poppular since it operates in different types of windows such as windows 10 ,8 ,7,e.t.c and also it has a large market share on the desktop of computers or laptops or even tablets and ipads.
What is the difference between ICT and IT?
ICT and IT are two different fields, but both deal with information technology. ICT is the acronym for Information Communication Technology, while IT is the acronym for Information Technology. ICT is mostly used in academics to facilitate the ease at
What is MS-Surface?
A multi touch platform from MS.You might know Surface as that big ass table from MS.
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