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  • Presidential Decree 1308 Sec. 2a defines it as referring to 'all activities concerned with the management and development of land, as well as the preservation, conservation and management of the human environment
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  • Urban planning is concerned with providing the right place at the right site at the right time for the right people.
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  • Which is not a key feature of 'professional' planning process?
    Hidden ep question from

  • A Scottish biologist who authored the masterpiece entitled Cities in Evolution (1915) and who coined the terms 'folk- work-place', 'city-region' and 'conurbation' is acknowledged as the 'father of regional planning' 
    Hidden ep question from

  • He led the crafting of the regional 'Greater London Plan of 1944', he designed some of 30 post-war New Towns approved by the British Parliament, including Doncaster area and East Kent, in which he used open space as structuring element. 
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  • She was called a 'superwoman' who single handedly sparked environmental activism in the 1960s-70s with her research ('Silent Spring) on biomagnification of pesticides and chemicals in the human food chain; her advocacies bore fruit in the creation of US Environmental Protection Agency and Environmental Impact Assessment system in the 1970s. 
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  • Under RA 7160 Sec. 107, who should prepare the multi-sectoral development plan at the village level? 
    Hidden ep question from

  • This principle encourages shared responsibility between government and the private sector in infrastructure development and management through joint venture schemes such as BOT, BTO, BLT, BOO, and the like. 
    Hidden ep question from

  • A contractual arrangement whereby a project proponent undertakes the financing of construction of a given infrastructure or development facility and after its completion turns it over to the government agency or local government unit concerned, which shall pay the proponent on an agreed schedule its total investments expended on the project, plus a reasonable rate of return thereon. 
    Hidden ep question from

  • These are areas of less than 500 people per km2 whose inhabitants are primarily engaged in agriculture or in extraction of raw materials, with dwellings which are spaced widely apart and often with little or no services or utilities 
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  • This refers to the unprecedented phenomenon occurring in megacities wherein the rate of increase of local population overwhelms the natural 'carrying capacity' of cities as ecosystems and outpaces the 'caring capacity' of city institutions in terms of resources and personnel to address complex problems.
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  • A direct result of leapfrog' or 'checkerboard' development, this phenomenon irreversibly converts rural space into urban space even before the populations meant to use it could be present
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