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When you hear the word album,”what do you usually think about? There are some people who remember photo albums but there are also some people who think of albums like the ones that are usually released by artists. They are usually composed of a lot of songs that they have produced. Some of the songs have been previously released and there are some songs that people will only discover after purchasing the whole album.

Some people use the photo album for the insertion of other things. Some may want to place all of the postcards that they have collected from the various places that they have visited. Some may place stamps because they collect stamps from their own country and even from other countries. What about you? What is your definition of the album?

Misery Business, Monster, Decode, The Only Exception, Ain’t It Fun, That’s What You Get, Still Into You – these are just a handful of the hit songs released by the immensely popular band Paramore throughout the...

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    Do you consider yourself an optimist, pessimist, realist or idealist?

Find out which MMJ album best suits your personality! From the Tennessee Fire to Evil Urges, this quiz should help you find the right album for your enjoyment. Happy trails...

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    What's your idea of a perfect vacation?

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    When is P!nk's birthday?                                                    

Read the following questions carefully.  You may look back at the section to help find the answer to each question. 

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    At the beginning of the story , why would the merchant not let the parrot go?

We have taken some rock and metal album covers and altered them slightly.  See if you can identify the Artist and/or the title of the album. You will recieve points if you can give us the Artist name, album title or both.

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Album Questions & Answers

What was Pink's first album?
P!nk's albums go in order like this, Can't take me home, M!ssundazstood, Try This, I'm not dead, Funhouse, Greatest Hits... So Far,The Truth about Love, and Beautiful Trauma (not out yet)!
What was P!nks first album?
P!nk's first album is can't take me home try this is her third album
Where does Martin’s great-grandfather live?
Martin's great-grandpa lives on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota.
What is P!nk's real name?
Alicia Beth Moore