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We all love something that's just a little wicked in our lives, especially if it's the award winning, crowd pleasing Wicked the musical. It takes a film that everyone knows and loves, The Wizard Of Oz, and gives it a delicious twist. Theater goers across the world have loved the chance to find out more about the witches of Oz, as well as the great tunes and songs.

It's a fun night out for all ages, and if it's your favorite modern musical then you'll be tapping your feet as you play our fun Wicked quizzes. Who wrote the novel Wicked: The Life And Times Of The Wicked Witch Of The West on which the musical is based? It was first produced on Broadway in 2003, but how many Tony awards did it scoop? You'll have a wicked time when you play our quizzes.

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Wicked Questions and Answers

  • I am evil!!!!!

  • I REALLY hate...

  • I first had a...

  • Are you rather unpleasant to be around?

  • Do you ever feel like you are the King or Queen?

  • Are you polite?

  • You are in math class reviewing last nights homework when you realize your teacher wrote the wrong answer to a problem on the board. She doesn't seem to notice her mistake. You..

  • You are in the main hallway on the first day at a new school. You don't know anybody and are trying to find home room. You...

  • You are at a huge party at the local community center with your friends when you notice someone alone looking left out. You..

  • Label the type of shot shown here:
    Wicked question from

  • The frame refers to the rectangle captured by the camera, or an individual still image that makes up part of a video clip.
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  • The image shown above corresponds to what rule of composition?
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