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We have all heard of them. We all fear them. We all find them somewhat mysterious. Who are they? Hackers. A hacker is someone who finds weaknesses in a computer system or program and uses this to his or her advantage. Sometimes it is to infect computers with a virus. Other times it is to get information, such as credit card numbers.
Some hackers do it for fun to just show everyone how smart they are. Hackers have now come together to form their own underground Internet community, perhaps only adding to their mystery. Can you unlock the secrets of what a hacker does within a computer program? Can you navigate their underground society? Find out by hacking your way through these quizzes. 
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In this world, where everything is connected to the internet there are many people who have the ability to obtain personal data from any device they desire even without being in the same area. Hackers come in different forms...

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    Your are a full-time:

Answer the questions and see if you are a good hacker! :)

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    What keys do you hold to start the auto assemble in cheat engine?

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    Disebut apakah orang yang bisa membuat virus ,penghancur komputer ,dan jago atau ahli komputer ???

  Quiz about Hacker the Dog from CBBC  

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    What is Hacker's nickname?

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    What are hackers?


Hacker Questions & Answers

Who have been the best hackers in the world?
The best hackers in the world are ones who have been able to hack into the computers of the federal government and major retail outlets. They have been to cause all kinds of havoc doing things such as transferring funds and just plain causing disrupt
What is the most important phase of ethical hacking in which you need to spend a considerable amount of time? This phase will increase the odds of success in later phases of the penetration test....
Option A is the correct answer. Footprinting is the most important phase in ethical hacking as this is where an (ethical) hacker collects as much as information he or she could possibly get in order to enter into the system. This includes collecting
Which is security policy it must the security analyst check to see if dial-out modems are allowed? A security analyst is performing an audit on the network to determine if there are any deviations...
The answer to this question is C. This is a type of document that can provide information about the different methods that will make it possible to connect to a secure network. This is very helpful in large organizations wherein interfaces are usuall
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