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  •  The southernmost location in the continental United States is an island at the tip of Florida. This island is closest to the 

  •  Which statement about the Northeast region shown on the map is true? 

  • Chicago is the largest city in the Midwest and the third largest city in the United States. What helped Chicago become such a large city?

  • Which continent is labeled with a star? 

  • The American Civil War changed the culture and society of the Southern United States in many ways. One of the most important changes after the war was that

  • What is one economic reason corn and soybeans are important crops in the Great Plains region of the United States?

  • Kaldi is said to be the first person to discover coffee. What was his profession?

  • How did Amsterdam become a global center of coffee trading, even though no coffee grows there?

  • Semi-washed coffee at Starbucks is most likely to come from which growing region?

  • Approximately how many countries in Africa does Starbucks purchase coffee from?
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  • At what elevation do high-quality Arabica beans thrive?
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  • At what elevation do strictly hard beans grow?
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