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The fuel system is an important part of an engine, and this is because it helps to store and supply the fuel to the engine. The quiz below is the perfect trivia quiz about a fuel system and is designed to see just how much you...

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In most cars, the engines help run them using fuel. Just like any other machine that uses fuel, servicing is essential for many reasons, for instance, cleaning the residue after combustion. Learn more below and all the best.

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    Which fuels can be used to operate the engine on the R-14C fuel servicing module?

Are you an aircraft engineer and think that you have enough information to tackle this fuel system trivia quiz? One of the things that you should know is what a normal system looks like and how to prevent it from failure. Give it...

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    In its natural state oxygen is

This test will determine whether or not you are ready to take the EOC

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    Which character of an AFSC identifies the skill level?

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    What is the composition of JP-8 fuel?

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Fuel Questions & Answers

Which of the following cannot be achieved through the term "stoichiometric ratio" which describes chemically correct air-fuel ratio?
Maximum engine power.The other three are disregarded when all we want is the upper level of engine power. The stoichiometric ratio will result in a higher level of the others listed.