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    Who is allowed to operate lift truck equipment?

Forklift training questions 

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    Who can operate forklifts? 

Forklifts are used to carry material over short distances and were developed in the early 20th century. It is used in movie sets and even manufacturing plants. Just how conversant are you with how to use it safely and...

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    The forklift load chart shows a rating of 2220 kg at a 600 mm load centre. What does this mean?

Basic operational questions

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    When parking or leaving your truck, you should:

Forklift Course Test Jule-Art Inc.

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    You can stand under the forks, If the engine of the lift truck is turned off?


Forklift Questions & Answers

What should you do if the load in your truck is too big for you to see what's behind you?
The first possible answer is you are going to drive in reverse. This will help you see what is behind you easily. The second possible answer is to have someone direct your path. Having someone help you out is going to be easier as the person will ac
What procedure do you follow when the load on your forklift obscures your view in front?
You need to make sure that you will travel in reverse while looking towards the direction where you are going to travel. The farther you are from the location, the more that you can see the area around you. It is important that you will follow the r
When must you use the back tilt on your forklift when traveling?
You should never use the hydraulics when travelling you should always be stationary.
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