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Optimus Prime in the Transformers franchise is a truck. Many fanatics love how Optimus transforms into a big awesome robot fighter... yeah, you know you do! Speaking of trucks, have you heard of the NW First Truck? It was one of the first trucks built in 1899. It's such a mystery how it got its name, right? Not! And by the way, it wasn't as big as the ones being made now.

You'd think it’s a carriage if you didn't know any better. How about you? Do you think you know a lot about trucks? Well, we have quizzes to test that claim. Are you ready for a load of quizzes on trucks? What are you waiting for? Prove that you're the king of these quizzes just as trucks are the kings of the road.
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    Who is allowed to operate lift truck equipment?

Cars and specifically trucks come in all shapes and sizes, with different specifications. If you are curious to find out which make of a truck you are answer the quiz below.

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    Do you like to wheel up in style?

If you are planning on being a heavy duty driver, you need to know a thing or two about how to operate one and correct some of the issues you may face on the road. As we continue learning more about these trucks, the quiz below...

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    How much money is spent on "Unnecessary PM" each year?

All about trucks

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    Where do you put the gas

This quiz must be taken by those wishing to get a BCM Truck Operators Training Permit

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    What must you do to ensure you understand the limitations and safety requirements specific to each model of machine?


Truck Questions & Answers

What should you do if the load in your truck is too big for you to see what's behind you?
You have two different options for the answers to this question. The first possible answer is you are going to drive in reverse. This will help you see what is behind you easily. The second possible answer is to have someone direct your path. Having
How should railway tracks be crossed?
Railway should be crossed at approved crossing station assigned by the Road Authority of your locality. There should be a road/rail signs that should warn you that you are nearing a railroad tracks. A railway crossing sign is typically a circular sig
What should be the mast's position when picking up a load?
The flat surface of a picking up the load is called the mast. This mast can be raised and lowered usually on a forklift. It also can tilt. When picking up an object or item, it should be stable on the mast or the forks. If it isn’t, it could fa
What should the operator of a sitdown counterbalance lift truck do in the event of a lateral or longitudinal tip-over?
Hold on firmly to steering wheel with both hands Brace feet against floorboard Lean away from the point of impact Stay within the operator compartment
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