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  • True track in the north
    True track in the north
    This makes no sense. true track IS north and TRUE is the answer, so why did it say i was wrong?

  • What is the difference between Jeep Wrangler Models?
    What is the difference between Jeep Wrangler Models?
    The Jeep Wrangler comes in three different models. Jeep Wrangler sport has four versions and tends to be the least expensive model with a base price of $28,045.00 comes in your choice of six colors, you have an option of two doors or four doors, and an option of hardtop or soft top. The highest base price would be of the sport altitude, which also comes in six colors, four doors full-size spare tire and your choice of hardtop or convertible top. The next grouping would be the Sahara which has two choices the plane Sahara or Sahara altitude with the Sahara base price being $38,395.00. Once again, you have six colors to choose from and for doors on this vehicle and full-size spare tire. Or the altitude which has a base price of $41,690.00 has seven color choices. The Rubicon with price beginning at $38,045.00 has a sky one-touch power top which operates with the touch of a button, 33-inch all-terrain tires, ultimate traction control system, has a turbo engine with E torque mild hybrid system offering 35% improved fuel economy. All these models can be upgraded to your liking; however, they all come with specific items such as full spare tire, and airbags all around. Jeep offers several packages to upgrade your vehicle including safety group with blind-spot monitoring, and parks sense or park assist, and advanced safety group with full-speed forward collision warning and active braking, and adaptive cruise control with a complete stop. They also have a cold-weather package with heated front seats, heated steering wheel, and remote vehicle start. There are so many choices, but ultimately, the option is yours.

  • How many cylinders does a Mazda RX8 have?
    How many cylinders does a Mazda RX8 have?
    None of the answers to this question are correct, as this is somewhat of a trick question. The Mazda RX-8 is a rotary engine, and it has no cylinders. The Mazda RX-8 has a single TWO-rotor engine. Cylinders are only for piston engines. The RX-8 is a 1.3 liter rotary, no I4 or V6, just rotary. The Wankel engine is a type of internal combustion engine using an eccentric rotary design to convert pressure into rotating motion. All parts rotate consistently in one direction, as opposed to the common reciprocating piston engine, which has pistons changing direction. In contrast to the more common reciprocating piston designs, the Wankel engine delivers advantages of simplicity, smoothness, compactness, high revolutions per minute, and a high power-to-weight ratio.

  • What is the difference between Civic and Lambo?
    What is the difference between Civic and Lambo?
    The Civic is known to be a highly popular compact car that originated from Japan. This has become popular all over the world not only because of its appearance but also because of its performance. The Lambo is short for the Lamborghini and this is known to be a luxury car that can be purchased in different parts of the world. Those who would love car racing and other sports that are related to cars may prefer the Civic but those who have always loved luxury and other luxurious features will definitely choose the Lamborghini. There are always different things that you have to consider when you are purchasing a car to use.

  • What is the difference between Hybrid and Electric cars?
    What is the difference between Hybrid and Electric cars?
    Hybrid and electric cars are considered eco-friendly and are designed in such a way to lower gasoline use. Electric cars are entirely dependent upon electricity. Hybrid cars make use of a combination of gas and electric power. The primary source of hybrid cars is the internal combustion engine. An electric vehicle has rechargeable batteries that deliver power. In a hybrid car, the cells of an electric car do not get recharged unless plugged to some source of energy. Hybrid cars cause less pollution because of the gasoline engine. Hybrids are electric zero-emissions vehicles, while hybrids are low emissions vehicles.

  • What is the difference between GTI and GLI?
    What is the difference between GTI and GLI?
    Are you wondering what GTI and GLI are? If you are not fond of cars, then you will not guess that these are two lines of Volkswagen models. GTI was first released in the year 1983 and people have said that it looks very similar to the Golf. GTI is hatchback-style while GLI comes with a trunk. This means that if you know that you have a lot of items to bring with you all the time, the GLI may be the better option but this would still depend on you and your preferences. Some people prefer the GTI because it is smaller. This makes driving around some of the heavily populated areas to be easier than what you have expected.

  • Which is your favorite car and why?
    Which is your favorite car and why?
    My favorite car is the Dodge Viper. I know it’s neither the best nor the fastest supercar but I have liked it ever since I came to know about it. I first saw this car while playing the 2005 game, Need for Speed Most Wanted. Dodge Viper in NFS: Most Wanted(Image Below) This car has been close to me ever since that day. I used to hang a poster of it on my wall. My unexplained love is especially for its design. Some people call it absurd but I don’t care what they think about it. Almost ten years have been passed but my love for this car remains the same for me. I especially have a preference for the fifth generation series of the Dodge Viper. Dodge Viper Now(Image Below)

  • How many hours must I wait before I can fly after donating blood?
    How many hours must I wait before I can fly after donating blood?
    This is ridiculous i typed 48 hrs and the answer is 48 and i got it wrong. Your system is flawed

  • Name the model of toyota:
    Name the model of toyota:
    Celica is also made by Toyota. Bs question.

  • Name the car:
    Name the car:
    It's a Bentley but it would be nice if the screen didn't jump when you are making a selection to give you a wrong answer. It did it to me twice.

  • Crusing levels start to apply for VFR when above
    Crusing levels start to apply for VFR when above
    I typed in 3000 but got it wrong because i didnt add "ft"? come on

  • Why were cars seen as 'green alternative' in their early days?
    Why were cars seen as 'green alternative' in their early days?
    Horses would relieve themselves, on average, twenty-two pounds of manure a day, and the city’s production of horse droppings was estimated to rise to the level of the third story Manhattan windows by 1930. Stable owners would have to pay to have the stuff removed, and the result was that it often accumulated in vacant lots, which provided the breeding ground for flies. The typical horse would consume about five acres of hay and grain, which is good for the rural economy, but bad for urban areas. Cars gave us sanitation, and they cleaned up the streets.

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