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New York City requires that Fire Guards be trained and licensed to work in residential or commercial buildings. This, therefore, puts emphasis on their importance and proper installation and maintenance. This test is designed to...

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    What Is The Maximum Distance Between Pull Stations?

Temporary Indoor/Out Door Place of Assembly.

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    Safety Personnel are required at indoor public gathers with ___ or more members.

Fire guards have been used to warm up a house when winter comes. Not everyone has the capability to prepare one safely. Preparing one for the house is no easy task. Test out if you are ready to do that by taking up the quiz...

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    There must be a minimum of three pull stations per floor?

This is a review for the Fireguard exam

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    Fireguards are required at which of the following locations?

It is the fluid power safety quiz, Let's start and play this quiz!

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    What percentage of firefighting workers are employed by municipal or county fire departments?

Fire Guard Questions & Answers

During the event the sponsor shall provide a site plan approved by the Department of Buildings.
This question is true. " Prior to the temporay place of assembly event, the sponsor and any promoter of such event shall provide a SITE PLAN APPROVED BY THE DEPARTMENT OF BUILDING" part of F-04 fire guard
Safety Personnel are required at indoor public gathers with ___ or more members.
There must be not less than 25 just in case of any eventualities
Safety Personnel are required at indoor public gathers with ___ or more members.
Safety personnel are required at indoor public gathers with 75 or more members.
A wet chemical fire extinguisher used for cooking fires is:
Wet Chemical isa CLASS K extinguisher, NOT A CLASS BC.Class BC would utilize a dry chemical, as you would not utilize anything wet on energized electrical equipment (Class C).Additionally, the 2010 edition of NFPA 10, Section5.5.5.2 states that fire