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Figures and numbers are essential in the world of business, so it's vitally important that they are recorded and manipulated correctly. Not so long ago that would have been done using filing cards and bits of paper, but now we have spreadsheet software that is making the task that much easier. Perhaps the most famous spreadsheet of them as is Excel 2010, part of the Microsoft Office range of programs.

Do you use it every day, and has it changed the way that you run your business or home finances? If so, then you should get a high score when you play our Excel 2010 quizzes. In these quizzes you'll be asked how to perform popular functions using Excel 2010. You'll also be given multiple choice questions about the development and history of the spreadsheet. Let's see how well you score.
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    Which formula can add all the numeric values in a range of cells, ignoring those which are not numeric, and place the result in a different cell?

This quiz is designed to provide an assessment of team members' level of competency in key features and functions of Excel 2010.  The results of this quiz will be used to determine course placement for each team member...

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    What is wrong with this formula?  =IF(D3=<90,"A-",0)

This page contains a quiz to test your knowledge on the basic functions and features of Microsoft Excel 2013.  They are all multiple choice questions. Good luck!

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    What is a Backstage View in Microsoft Excel 2013?

Take this assessment to determine which level of Excel training you will need to attend.There is no pass or fail. Do not navigate away from the test or the test will become invalid.The assessment consists of 20 questions. ...

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    Which is NOT a basic element of a spreadsheet?

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    File extension for Microsoft Excel is (Pengakhiran fail bagi Microsoft Excel adalah)

Excel 2010 Questions & Answers

What is wrong with this formula? =IF(D3=<90,"A-",0)
There is no need to place quotation marks around the letter A
What does the icon below do?
To copy is the act of duplicating material and replicating dual copies of file or data. Copying a file to a separate location is a standard procedure for backing up or sharing a file. When something is copied and remains there until something else is
What does a cell with a red triangle in the top right corner signify?
In Excel, the little red triangle in the top right corner means there is a comment associated with the cell. To see the comment, you simply roll your mouse over the triangle. It should show the comment in a pop-up box. From there, you can read the co
What is the name given to a value that does not change when used within a formula?
When doing a scientific experiment, you will have the independent variable, the dependent variable and the constant. For example in an experiment, a scientist wants to see how much seeds will grow under the same temperature but in different locations