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    What circuit symbol is this?

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    The boat/ATV winch has a 3000lbs pulling capacity.

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    (201) Equipment used for generating, amplifying, and transmitting RF carrier is collectively called 

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Electric Questions & Answers

What is the difference between nanoweb and polyweb?
Nanoweb and polyweb are guitar strings and they are produced by the same company known as Elixir strings. The fact is, the quality of sound a guitar will produce is definitely on the type of strings its using. Strings are very important in guitar, ev
What is the difference between Electric and Magnetic fields?
An electric field refers to the area around an electrically charged particle. The SI unit of an electric field is expressed in Newton per Coulomb or Volts per meter. Also, the force expressed in an electric field is proportional to the electric charg
What is the difference between Electric and Spring Airsoft Guns?
There are a lot of people who love airsoft, and it is not a surprise that they also have some preferences with the type of guns that they may use. The spring airsoft gun is known to be the manual version of the gun. It uses a spring to be used. The
What is the difference between Dielectric and Capacitor?
Capacitor and dielectric are both electrical terms. The capacitor is an electric device that stores electric charges, while the dielectric is a material that does not allow for the flow of current. The dielectric materials are often referred to as in