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Like our parents and their parents before them told us that there is no shortcut to success. The sad reality is that hard work is the only way in which you will get a report card that glows like that briefcase from pulp fiction. But, that’s not entirely true.
Take our educational technology quizzes to find out all about the latest and best technology that’s paying dividends to students everywhere. The answers you will find here will transform you into a kind of academic Eagle Scout, which will enable you to go through essays and pad those puppies with the stuff that make college professors proud (that you are an American and not some exchange student from Asia).

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    All definitions of Educational Technology except one:

This is for all Education Students in University of Cebu-Lapu-Lapu and Mandaue who are taking up Educational Technology 2 under Ms. Maria Estela Teo-Balbuena

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     A visual model, a pictorial device that presents bands of experience arranged according to the degree of abstraction and not by degree of difficulty. The further you go from the bottom of this, the more abstract the experience become.

This tool serves as an assessment for our entire KIBSD community in the field of Educational Technology.  This assessment has been created to assess the general understanding that adults in the school district have about the...

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    Resource Sorting:  Which program would you use if you wanted to create a newsletter?

A review on educational technology that are related to the BEED students subject which is EdTech 2. james Pelaez made this test as part of their output.

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    It is the scientific and organized teaching learning process and or product.

This examination are for Educational Technology (Prof. Educ.10) Students of Prof. Burgos. Set A: Multiple Choice. Read the items carefully then choose the letter of the best answer.

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    Which is the most important reason why teachers preview materials to be used in class?

Educational Technology Questions & Answers

When does a technology become a tool to support knowledge construction?
Correct answer is option B. Technology becomes a tool that supports knowledge construction when used for producing organized, multimedia knowledge bases by learners. Technology is a very important tool that can change the nature and enhance the way
Which of the following is the most effective way of doing it? Mrs. Sison would like to integrate technology into writing a friendly letter. A. Let the pupils surf a friendly letter from...
Technology has always been increasing throughout the years. In schools, teachers always do whatever they can to start incorporating technology into their lessons. Some lessons are easier to do that than others and subjects are easier to include techn
Which of the following statements does not describe educational technology?
B. It refers to the efficiency of teachers in using computers.