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This is one of the main activities of any living being, whether we’re talking about the smallest insect, or the biggest mammal. Eating is one of the main instincts, but it is actually a lot more complex than that. Throughout time, eating habits have evolved in an extremely interesting manner and now you can show us if you really know everything about these.

Animals and other heterotrophs must eat in order to survive — carnivores eat other animals, herbivores eat plants and omnivores consume what? For humans, eating is an activity of what? This may be a result of a lifestyle choice, due to a famine, as part of a diet, as part of a religious duty of what? Find out more from our trivia.

We are all different and so are our eating habits. To determine what type of eater you are, just click on the statement you most agree with on each question, then submit your answers to find out what kind of eater you are

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    1. I prefer to eat in private

Is there a special event tonight? What kind of protein do you feel like eating? How much time are you willing to spend cooking? Answer questions like these to help you decide what to eat for dinner tonight!

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    What kind of cuisine do you feel like?

Would you like to know what do you want to eat? Let's find out now by taking this quiz!

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    Do I want to go to ______________?

See if you can decide which is healthier of these food items for Tim as he goes through his normal day

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    Tim needs to start out his day with a healthy breakfast , but Oh No! He only has Cheerios and Rice Crispies. Which one do you think is healthier?

This is an online survey that deals with your meal consuming behavior

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    ในชีวิตปะจำวันหากมีอาหารดังต่อไปนี้ คุณจะเลือกรับประทานเมนูใด

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Eat Questions & Answers

Olive Garden- Which is better?
I wanna know how kids spagehetti & tomato sauce is better than that cheeesy mac and cheese
What is the difference between Appetite and Hunger?
Although appetite and hunger are not totally the same, they usually work to produce the same result i.e.; both will create the desire to eat in people. Appetite means a strong desire for food or drink. At times, this feeling may come very strongly in
What is the other name for fish sticks?
Ocean nibbles from the supermarket