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    The Buffalo Chicken sandwich has .5 oz of Franks Buffalo Sauce drizzled over the protein.

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The contemporary kitchen, from institutional to fine-dining restaurant, runs according to a strict hierarchy in which the chef plays the lead role. Different systems and chef assignments exist to make the kitchen run as smoothly...

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    What is the origin of the word chef?

A short and fun little quiz to tell you what cook smarts you've got. If an answer isn't a perfect match, select the closest answer.

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    What's in your pantry?

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    What sauces come on our Hot Hot Hot wings?

Cook Questions & Answers

Who are better cooks, men or women?
Well, it’s a controversial question and being a girl, if I say, “Women are better chefs than men”, it might be a gender-biased answer for some people. Moreover, cooking is an art and both men and women are experts in cooking delicio
How do you cook a lobster?
Not a lot of people know how to cook a lobster perfectly because it is not a dish that people make a lot. The most obvious way to make a lobster is to boil it. It seems a little sad that lobsters are put in boiling water while still alive. First, you
What is the difference between Cook and Chef?
Chef and cook are most times used interchangeably, that you might be forced to think they are entirely the same. A chef in a more profound sense is not the same as a cook. However, both words are referring to someone who prepares food. A chef can be