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The continental drift is the movement of the Earth’s continents relative to each other by appearing to drift across the ocean bed. If you’re a geologist, geographer, or science nerd at heart, you’re going to get a real kick out of these quizzes. Test what you know about the continental drift theory with these fascinating trivia questions. Who knows, you may get a wild new idea and unearth something everyone has been missing for the last 60 years or so!

The speculation that continents drift was first put forward in 1596 by whom? The concept was more fully developed by Alfred Wegener in which year? The continents are speculated to drift at the rate of how many inches per year? Which two continents can be found to support continental drift theory? What are the two kinds of crust? These fascinating quizzes are ready to take you on an exciting journey. Are you ready to go?
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    The lithosphere is made up of

This quiz assesses basic knowledge over the theory of continental drift.

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    The presence of the same __________________________ on several different continents supports the theory of continental drift.

This assessment will cover the concepts, essential questions and vocabulary studied in this unit.

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    Take a look at this Image.   This is how Pangea MIGHT have looked 250 MYA.   What is the continent called that contains North America and Eurasia

Answer the following questions

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    State one form of evidence that supports the inference that Pangaea existed

Review what you've learned about plate tectonics and continental drift.

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    Who proposed the theory of continental drift?

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Continental Drift Questions & Answers

What are the four pieces of evidence for continental drift?
The right answer to this is E. Do you know that there are theories stating that the various lands that can be found in this world are more connected before? In fact, according to some researchers, the world before may have land that can be walked fro
What is the lithosphere made up of?
The word "lithosphere" comes from Ancient Greek and translates to "rock sphere." A terrestrial-type planet's lithosphere is composed of the brittle and rocky crust and the rocky, rigid, and mostly cool upper layer of the mantle.
What provides evidence for Alfred Wegner's Continental Drift Theory?
According to the theory, the earth’s continent used to be all close together. This explains why there were some ancestors who were still able to move walk from one continent to another without having to cross seas and oceans. Over the past cen
What was the Continental Drift theory and whos was it?
This theory was put forward by Alfred Wegener. It basically explains how continents could shift positions on the surface of the earth. It would explain how the world went from Pangea (where all the continents were basically one landmass) to how the w
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