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The vast majority of people are citizens of one country or another; but while many people believe that citizenship is all about the color of your passport, there’s a lot more to it than that. Citizenship includes both rights and duties: the right to live and work in a country, but also the responsibility to vote, to pay taxes and in some countries to perform military service.

Our quizzes about citizenship poses questions about many of those rights and duties. Do you know the difference between citizenship and nationality, for instance? Like many aspects of civic life, the history of citizenship goes back to the Greeks and Romans. Take our quizzes to learn more about our civic life... think of it as your passport to knowledge!

There are different governments in existence and each have a way in which they treat their citizens. The best type of government is a democracy and is practices in most countries. Take up the quiz below and find out just how...

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    Good Citizenship?

A child can never be too young to learn about the concepts and morals that support a person’s status as a responsible citizen. In this quiz for those children still in Kindergarten, we aim to teach some of these...

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    Responsible citizenship?

To be a Global Citizen, you need to know what your strengths are as an individual. Take this quiz to find out how you best contribute to  the world around you.

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    Which of the following statements best describes your personality?

This test will evaluate your knowledge of material discussed in class. Subjects covered include World Geography, US Foreign Policy, United Nations, Citizenship, World Political Systems, Trade and Commerce, World Order of Nations,...

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    Of the following, which is required of immigrants to become U.S. Citizens?

Every business in existence has a responsibility to the citizens of the country they live in. most businesses give back to the community in a way that serves them over a long period of time e.g. building school. How aware are...

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    The Walt Disney Company will donate 4 park hopper tickets annually to any eligible nonprofit for fundraising purposes.

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Citizenship Questions & Answers

How can I obtain a Canadian citizenship?
They are many ways to obtain a Canadian citizenship. The most common way is to get a permanent residence first. You must have stayed in Canada for at least 5 years in the past 6 years. Make sure your taxes for at least 4 years is paid. Application pr