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It takes a lot of skill, talent, and effort to become a Certified Clinical Research Professional, which is why being a CCRP is both vital and hugely respected. Clinical research is essential to provide the medical breakthroughs which make our lives better and healthier today and which can make a brighter future for our planet as a whole. If you dream of becoming a Certified Clinical Research Professional then see how much you know in our CCRP quizzes.

Which institute provides CCRP certification? What is the ICH-GCP? What are the minimum requirements to enter the CertCR program? How much is the non-refundable fee required to enroll on the CCRP certification program? If you get all these questions and more right, then you may well have what it takes to become a clinical researcher.

CCRP stands for Certified Clinical Research Professional, an exam that is handled by the society of clinical research associates (SOCRA). This exam is required of all clinical research professionals to take and a certification...

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    Which of these is the minimum number of members a SOCRA IRB is expected to have? 

The certified clinical research professional is an advanced medical course into researching and studying of different project as pertaining to health. it is available to both members and non members of SOCRA and available to...

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    What is the full meaning of CCRP?

The CCRP certification is for people involved or that want to be involved in the public health research scheme. It's open to both members and non member of SOCRA (The Society of Clinical Research Associates) but at...

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    What is the job growth in terms of percentage of a clinical laboratory technologist?

CCRP certification is a type of certification organised for medical students to make them be a legal member of the organization. More so, this test is organized to check on the candidates' abilities on health issues as they...

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    How many years of experience as a full-time Clinical Research Professional?

The CCRP exam is scheduled for research professionals, nurses, health officers and doctors who are willing to be a member of the CCRP organization. This exam brings about the certification of the successful candidates and provide...

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    Which of these is located in the Mid Brain?

CCRP Questions & Answers

When installing lights on a cored hull, you should replace core material with a hard epoxy to prevent the Thru-Hull fixture from crushing the core?
True-it is essential that the core does not have the opportuntiy to leak water into the transom. when thru hull fixtures have the locking hardware tightened, it crushes the soft core and loosens the locking bolts. oceanled recommends removing 3-4 inc
When applying sealant to the back of the Amphibian light fixture, do you apply sealant to?
A + b + c-when installing the amphibian lights, it is a common mis-conception to use minimal amounts of sealant. please ensure to cover the perimeter of the light, the screw holes and the cable entry. it is never a good idea to allow water to get beh
What is the material of the Thru-Hull Pro-Series lights made of?
Aluminum bronze / (ab2)-all thru-hull ights are made out of marine grade bronze. in europe this material is called aluminum bronze / ab2. the chemical analysis of the material is as follows: 80% bronze 10% aluminum 5% nickel 5% various (magnesium
How many amps typically will a 3010 draw on 12vDC?
8-all oceanled pro-series drivers contain boost convertors. this means that they will continue to pump out 30volts to the lights regardless of whether the voltage is low or high. if the voltage drops the current draw will increase to compensate. you