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Statistical Analysis System’s aren't just for sports fans and politics. Statistical Analysis is the science of exploring, collecting, and presenting big amounts of data to discover underlying trends and patterns. Statistics touch almost every area of our lives. If you’re a statistician or just a big fan of numbers and interesting information, these quizzes are right up your alley.

What’s something communication companies use statistics for? How can researchers keep children healthy by using statistics? Can you identify a traditional method of statistical analysis? What is the purpose of econometrics? What is matrix programming? Get to know the world around you a little better by taking these quizzes on SAS today!

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  • What is the best way to disarm your enemy?
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  • Whats the most strongest pistol in the world?
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  • How do you cover your tracks?
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  • As you write and edit SAS programs it's a good idea to

  • Suppose you have submitted a SAS program that contains spelling errors.  Which set of steps should you perform, in the orders shown to revise and resubmit the program?

  • What happens if you submit the following program? proc sort data=clinic.stress out=maxrates;      by maxhr; run; proc print data=maxrates label double noobs;      label rechr='Recovery Heart Rate;      var resthr maxhr rechr date;      where toler='I' and resthr>90;      sum fee; run;

  • How many observations and variables does the data set below contain?

  • How many steps are executed when the program below is processed? data user.tables;      infile jobs;      input date name $ job $; run; proc sort data=user.tables;      by name; run; proc print data=user.tables; run;

  • What type of variable is the variable AcctNum in the data set below?

  • Which SAS statement associates the fileref Crime with the raw data file C:\States\Data\Crime?
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  • Filerefs remain in effect until...
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  • Which statement identifies the name of a raw data file to be read with the fileref Products and specifies that the DATA step read only records 1-15?
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