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Strawberry cake, cheesecake, chocolate layer cake with chocolate frosting and shaved chocolate topping… does this make your mouth water? If you’re passionate about cakes in all their sizes, shapes and colors, we’ve got a real treat for you. If you only eat them at weddings, birthdays and other celebrations, celebrate the day with an appetizing quiz.

Whether you’re a compulsive cake-eater or not, we offer you a wide range of delicious quizzes to sweeten your day. Check if you’re the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to answering our questions! What are the ingredients for an Angel Food Cake? At what time of the year do people eat a Chocolate Log? How do you make marzipan? Who invented Cheesecake? Try this and much more, play now!

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  • True of False: The Cake Boss has made a cake with the theme of Candy Land.
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  • The Cake Boss has made 100 wedding cakes in one week.
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  • were is the exate location of carlos bakery?
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  • is frankie afraid of clowns?
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  • check the following true statements.
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  • What kind of cake, popular in Australia and New Zealand, is named after a Russian ballet dancer?

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  • What is the French name for the traditional Yule log shaped cake served in France at Christmas?

  • Which of these vegetables is used to make cake?