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Strawberry cake, cheesecake, chocolate layer cake with chocolate frosting and shaved chocolate topping… does this make your mouth water? If you’re passionate about cakes in all their sizes, shapes and colors, we’ve got a real treat for you. If you only eat them at weddings, birthdays and other celebrations, celebrate the day with an appetizing quiz.

Whether you’re a compulsive cake-eater or not, we offer you a wide range of delicious quizzes to sweeten your day. Check if you’re the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to answering our questions! What are the ingredients for an Angel Food Cake? At what time of the year do people eat a Chocolate Log? How do you make marzipan? Who invented Cheesecake? Try this and much more, play now!

This quiz is to see if you know the Cake Boss inside and out. I do. I figured that if there is not yet a quiz about this, I may as well be the first.

Questions: 18  |  Attempts: 610   |  Last updated: Jan 15, 2013
  • Sample Question
    First of all, who is the Cake Boss?

Every cake boss extreme fan will now evry thing about the cake boses cake and life.

Questions: 16  |  Attempts: 140   |  Last updated: Dec 16, 2015
  • Sample Question
    were is the exate location of carlos bakery?

Cakes Quiz? Let’s find out with this awesome quiz

Questions: 16  |  Attempts: 110   |  Last updated: Mar 16, 2015
  • Sample Question
    What kind of cheese is used in a Tiramisu?

Do you know enough about Cakes? Take this quiz and find out

Questions: 15  |  Attempts: 107   |  Last updated: Mar 16, 2015
  • Sample Question
    What is at the center of all bundt cake pans?

Figuratively, if someone will say that you are the icing on their cake, it simply means that you are the love of his life. Do you want to know who is the icing on your cake? Answer these questions and sort out who it is.

Questions: 8  |  Attempts: 101   |  Last updated: Oct 5, 2016
  • Sample Question
    Do you love cakes?

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Cake Questions & Answers

Why do cakes and bread go hard, but biscuits go soft when left out in the air?
Actually connecting with Alpha Hard Reload takes time. How do aces smoke out outstanding Alpha Hard Reload desires? Neither a borrower nor a lender be.This is simply going to assist me in the long term. It's a fine concept and one that takes a whi
What is the difference between Pancakes and Pikelets?
Pancakes and pikelets look similar; the main ingredients used in their preparation are the same. These include flour, milk, and egg, but their appearances, texture, and sizes are quite different. Pikelets are either eaten cold or hot in countries lik
What is the difference between Gum Paste and Fondant?
Both Gum Paste and Fondant are used for decorating cakes. You might easily confuse the two while decorating your cake because Gum paste and Fondant are both pliable doughs and they are made with sugar. However, despite the fact that they share some s
How can I bake a cake from scratch?
There are very few things better than having a homemade cake that you baked yourself. Baking a cake is very simple, even though a lot of people find baking to be a bit daunting. With a simple recipe, you can bake the cake of your dreams and not have