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  • Can I eat dessert on a daily basis?
    Can I eat dessert on a daily basis?
    Are you the one who can’t think of a single day without eating your favorite chocolate? Do you love to have a red velvet pastry after dinner on a daily basis? Well, for now, you have to think twice before eating your favorite dessert frequently. Shocked? Let me clarify this in detail. Regular eating of desserts not only opens the door of various dental problems, but it also deteriorates your overall health. It is simply because desserts contain sugars and regular consumption of sugar is not healthy (in fact poisonous) for our bones (according to recent research). I am also not saying that you should totally avoid sugar consumption. It’s just consumption of anything may lead to disaster.   Here are some of the detrimental effects of eating too much desserts:   Dental problems: Sugar-containing eatable items are chewed less and sucked more. As a result, your teeth will flow in sugar endlessly for a long time. Sugar also invites multiple bacteria towards it which is a major cause of endless dental problems. Liver problems arise: Once sugar enters the bloodstream, it goes to the liver for getting broken down. An excessive amount of sugar needs to over processing of liver that may lead to fatty liver diseases. The heart gets also affected: Sugar also affects the blood circulation of your body, resulting in cholesterol problems, increasing insulin and glucose level, and sometimes heart failure. Other health-problems: Your skin will eventually get premature wrinkles, dark circles, and pimples on your face as too much sugar ages the cells.   In simple words, the answer is no. You should not eat desserts on a daily basis.

  • What is the difference between Flan and Creme Caramel?
    What is the difference between Flan and Creme Caramel?
    There are two very similar desserts, especially if you look at them. They both look the same, but there are differences in them. Flan is a dessert that can be either sweet or savory. It came from Rome. However, you may see the flan dessert on many Mexican restaurant menus. Crème caramel is another dessert that is only served sweet. Even though they look the same, they are made up of different things. Flan is a sponge or cake-like base, and then there is a filling. Crème caramel is all custard, but it will have caramel on top. Crème caramel came from France. So, both of these desserts came from two different places and consisted of two different things. One has a filling, and the other does not.

  • Why are desserts eaten last?
    Why are desserts eaten last?
    There are a few reasons as to why researchers believe desserts should be eaten last. One is related to our primal urge to consume as many calories as we can. The sugar in the dessert tricks our minds into wanting to eat more, even though we maybe satiated by the first course. Another plausible reason is that our stomachs can only handle so much sugar on a full stomach. The sugar pulls a lot of water into the stomach during digestion to dilute the contents, and ultimately, the effect of the confection is lessened when the stomach is already full. One theory based in psychology says that its rewards-based thinking that runs counterintuitive to primal logic that would have humans eat the meal with the most calories first. Instead, we like rewards, and so as a treat for good eating habits, we eat the most highly treasured food (a sweet) after our main meal.

  • What are your 3 dessert choices?
    What are your 3 dessert choices?
    We serve apple pie, which is a slice of apple pie topped with a scoop of French Vanilla ice cream, drizzled with honey cinnamon caramel sauce. Next is the Chocolate Brownie, a fresh brownie covered in French Vanilla ice cream and drizzled with a rich chocolate sauce. Last we have Strawberry Cheesecake, a New York style cheesecake served with a strawberry topping and whipped cream, or plain.

  • What is the importance of desserts?
    What is the importance of desserts?
    Dessert are important for both our physical and emotional health. Desserts, even though very sweet, are packed with nutrients vital to our body. Carbohydrates, for one, are a very necessary nutrient needed for the body and for energy. Consider the many talked about benefits of the antioxidants in chocolate. Desserts can also impact weight control in a positive way, especially when dieting. In fact, many believe that incorporating changes in the diet that become a part of your lifestyle is one way to avoid feeling deprived. Furthermore, incorporating desserts into the diet is one way to create a balanced diet that is not about avoiding one specific food, especially when there are healthier versions of typical sugary desserts. Finally, a dessert after one meal can do wonders for a poor mood. Chocolate, for one, has a very good reputation for raising a person’s mood. Then, other desserts with their natural sugars can give your brain a boost of serotonin, which puts us in a good mood.

  • What is the best time to eat dessert?
    What is the best time to eat dessert?
    Dessert is typically seen as a refreshment served after dinner, so depending on when dinner is served for most this is when it is eaten. However, many nutritionist say that the last meal of the day should not be any time after five o’clock because eating early gives food enough time to digest. For this reason, your last meal should be eaten sometime around five o’clock in the evening. A few nutritionist suggest that eating dessert between 10 am and 4 pm is probably best for those who are dieting. Keep in mind, dessert can be eaten after any meal, so if you are having one dessert a day, it is best to eat after an earlier meal as opposed to eating it later on in the day. Typically, for someone who eats one confection that is a dessert, most dieticians advise their patients to eat it early enough in the day so that by bed time the food is not still sitting in the stomach.

  • What is the role of desserts in digestion?
    What is the role of desserts in digestion?
    All food is a source of energy, and when eaten, it is broken down in the stomach by acids and enzymes that ultimately begin the process of aerobic cellular respiration, which is essentially the process by which food is converted to energy (or fat). In terms of digestion, there are few roles that desserts play in digestion. One school of thought states that a dessert facilitates digestion by loosening the stomach muscles and pulling water into the stomach to dilute the contents. Sugar also stimulates the vagus nerve which signals the stomach to loosen up. Then, in Chinese culture, the spleen is considered an organ and is in control of digestion. It is responsible for the processing food from the very beginning, from eating to turning it into energy. The taste related to the spleen is sweet, and so sweets are digested through this particular organ system. Moreover, the functions of the organ can be emotional, physical or symbolic, and in this case, humans have an emotional to sweets because they are often used to self-medicate and we crave them.

  • How many different meals, consisting of a first course, a second course, and a dessert, can one choose from this menu? A menu offers 4 choices for the first course, 5 choices for the second...
    How many different meals, consisting of a first course, a second course, and a dessert, can one choose from this menu? A menu offers 4 choices for the first course, 5 choices for the second...

  • Where does the word desserts come from?
    Where does the word desserts come from?
    Dessert comes from the French desservir. Desservir simply means to remove what has been served. The word dessert is a participle of this verb. Today, the meaning of the word is a dish served as the last course of the meal, but the word appeared in 1539 and referred to what was eaten after a meal that had been removed from the table. These desserts often referred to fruit and candied nuts (often called sweet meats). This word was used primarily by the French, but by the eighteenth century British and American Englishmen had adopted the word. By this time, dessert had grown to incorporate more sweets such as pie, puddings, cake, and ice cream in the United States while the British referred to it still as fruits and sweet meats. Previous to both of these eras, French meals incorporated both the sweet and the savory, but modern times, sweet fare was consigned to be eaten after the main meal had been cleared away. Today, dessert refers to an amalgam of sweets served after the main meal has been served and the dishes cleared.

  • Are desserts good for health?
    Are desserts good for health?
    Desserts are typically categorized as food that contains sugar or is sweet. Typically, sugar is seen as an indulgence, and in large quantities, can create a variety of health problems. The human body needs a certain amount of sugars, but once again, too much can cause a variety of problems. In moderation, sweets can be good for our health. Furthermore, desserts have grown to encompass a range of sweets. Desserts can be as decadent as chocolate cakes, rich custardy pies, and sumptuous ice cream. All of these desserts are made with white sugar (processed sugar), so they typically are not going to do too much for our waist line or our health. Then, there are other types of sugars derived from fruit and yogurt made from fruit sugars. Incidentally, the word dessert was comprised only of fruits and candied nuts, but today, natural sugars (while still sugar) are processed in the body much easier, some being great roughage which allows the digestive track to function efficiently. These fruit sugars are healthy and are a part of a well-balanced diet. To answer the question, yes dessert can be healthy if the sugar is from a natural source like fruit and when eaten in moderation.

  • Can we eat desserts before dinner?
    Can we eat desserts before dinner?
    The word dessert has come to mean a refreshment served after a meal. For this reason, the meal could be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you go to any restaurant and order a meal, the serving staff always ask patrons whether they care for a dessert after the main meal has been eaten. Desserts are often eaten before dinner as a part of other meals. Then, there is the debate over whether dessert should be eaten right before dinner. Typically, no, diners usually wait until dinner has been eaten to eat dessert. However countless culinary experts and consumers with a sweet tooth have espoused the virtues of eating dessert before diner. However, you would be hard pressed to find a nutritionist or dietician that will advise you load up on sugar and carbs before eating a healthy meal. While it can definitely ruin an appetite, plenty of people have eaten dessert before their main meal.

  • Which is the most expensive dessert in the US?
    Which is the most expensive dessert in the US?
    The most expensive dessert made in the US is the Frrrozen Haute Chocolate, which costs almost $25,000 to buy. The Serendipity 3 in New York City created this confection on November 7, 2007. It was a collaboration of sorts between the Euphoria of New York (jewelry store) and consists of a blend of 28 rich cocoas (which included 14 of the most expensive). The dish it is served in contains 5g of edible gold (23-carat). The goblet from which it is served is lined with edible gold as well. The base of the goblet that contains the sundae is 18-carat gold bracelet with one-carat white diamonds. The flatware with which this very expensive confection can be eaten is a gold and diamond spoon, which can be taken home after the dessert is eaten. The same restaurant makes a Golden Opulence Sundae priced at a $1,000. The dessert can get even more expensive if diners choose to add the Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream covered in a 23-carat gold leaf covered with Amedei Porcelana and topped with pieces of Venezuelan Chuao, gold-coated almonds, and candied fruit. About 50 people a year order this particular confection.

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