Dessert Quizzes & Trivia

Cakes, cookies, biscuits, gelatins, pastries, ice-creams, pies, puddings… Are you known for having a sweet tooth? Are you mad about desserts and think life is a bit bitter without them? Up for some sweetness in your day? Then taste these dessert quizzes and enjoy a wide range of questions that will add sugar to your being.

Do you actually know the most exquisite desserts in the world, or do you stick to donuts and muffins? When was the first apple pie recipe printed? Who invented ice-cream? Where is vanilla mostly grown? What ingredients do you need to make a brownie? Why is a meringue-based dessert named Pavlova? Do you find these questions a piece of cake? No? Rush for the quizzes and prove how much you know.

Pairing meals with Four Loko, a nuanced and abstruse elixir, can prove intimidating to even experienced gastronomes. For your next occasion, defer to the professional expertise of this digital Loko sommelier by Hudson Hongo.

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  • Sample Question
    "Firstly, what meat will we be serving?"

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    What is Guar gum derived from?

This quiz will make you hungry.

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    You are going to the school Halloween dance. Your BFF asks you where you got your inspiration for your kicking costume. You say:

Are you more like a delicious piece of chocolate cake, a bowl of banana pudding, or maybe a creamy slice of cheesecake?  Take this quiz to determine what dessert your personality is most like. 

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  • Sample Question
    Which of the following is your favorite thing to drink?

If you take ANY test more than once, you will receive a "0" for a grade!

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  • Sample Question
    When people read from the Torah, they are reading from

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Dessert Questions & Answers

Can I eat dessert on a daily basis?
Are you the one who can’t think of a single day without eating your favorite chocolate? Do you love to have a red velvet pastry after dinner on a daily basis? Well, for now, you have to think twice before eating your favorite dessert frequently
What is the difference between Flan and Creme Caramel?
There are two very similar desserts, especially if you look at them. They both look the same, but there are differences in them. Flan is a dessert that can be either sweet or savory. It came from Rome. However, you may see the flan dessert on many Me
What are the most appetizing desserts in the world?
Appetizing dishes, meals, or recipes are usually savory, light and small in quantity, taken as the first course of a meal. An appetizer is a minute dish of an overall meal, which can be in form of a drink or various drinks, which can even contain alc
What is your favorite dessert?
My favorite dessert is just cookies and ice-cream. I prefer it above all other desserts. If it is ideal health wisely, I would most likely be making this recipe every morning, noon, and night. It is just so delicious! Cookies and cream are just so sw