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Business Accounting Questions and Answers

  • What term is used for day-to-day dealings that involve the exchange of goods and services for cash?

  • Which is the most important feature of bookkeeping?

  • Remington provided the following information about its balance sheet. Based on the information provided, how much are Remington’s liabilities?   Cash = $100 Accounts receivable = $500 Stockholders' equity = $700 Accounts payable = $200 Bank loans = $1000

  • What is profit?
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  • What assumption states that businesses can divide up their activities into artificial time periods?
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  • What is the purpose of promotion?
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  • Amongst the following, who is considered an external user of accounting?

  • For accounting and financial reporting purposes, smaller businesses...

  • Which one of the following scenarios would most likely describe the accounting personnel for a small business?

  • Assets are usually reported on the balance sheet at which amount?
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  • Which word do liabilities often have in their account title?
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  • What are obligations (amounts owed) reported on the balance sheet referred to as?
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