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  • The behavioral characteristics of this type of (Drug) substance includes grinding of the teeth, panic attacks, jaw thrusting, skin scratching and free flowing conversations.

  • Officer Smith is dispatched to a sucide attempt call. At the scene a woman states her husband has consumed way too much alcohol and that he is "trying to kill himself." Officer Smith finds the husband stumbling around the house and the man appears to have harmed himself by punching holes in the wall. It is evident that the husband is impaired due to substance abuse of alcohol and when asked if he needs medical attention, the man declines despite signs that indicate he may have a broken hand. Officer Smith decides he should __________________

  • _____________ is a resource available to assist an officer when responding to a person with mental retardation.

  • Officers have a duty to respond to crises while on duty

  • ___________ is a situation or period that is very uncertain, difficult, or painful. Steps must be taken to avoid complete disaster or breakdown.

  • A crisis, according to an individual, becomes a crisis when a person sees the event as significant and threatening, has used all personal coping strategies without effect, and ________

  • The two major types of communication disabilities are......

  • ______ is a physiological condition that causes difficulty in producing sound or understanding language, including reading and writing.

  • There are two types of hearing loss. One is "Deafness". What is the other?

  • An officer should obtain as much information as possible from dispatch about the bomb. If information from dispatch is not sufficient, how can the officer find out more information?

  • Most bomb threats are made via....

  • A common policy or rule is to be out of the suspected building _____ before the alleged time of detonation and not return until ______ after the alleged time of detonation