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  • In frame construction, studs are MOST commonly placed 

  • The minimum size of a shower stall established by the uniform building codes is 900 square inches. Which of the following is the MINIMUM allowable size?  

  • A client rejected a set of bathroom plans because the plan included more and higher quality fixtures, fittings, and finishes than she had in mind. The designer failed to record specific information about the project's: 

  • Some building materials once thought to be safe can now create a health hazard in the home. The age of the home will often indicate the possibility of the presences of these materials. Which hazard would not be evident base on the age of the home?
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  • The framework of a house must be strong enough to support both "live" and "dead" loads. Which of the following loads would be considered a "dead" load?
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  • Since basements are often used as inhabited spaces, a wet or damp basement can create many problems. Which method is considered the best solution for a dry basement?
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  • How much space is needed for a walkway with one person at the lavatory and a second person to walk behind?

  • A well designed lavatory faucet extends over the bowl and projects water ____________

  • How much floor space to stand and wash hands at the lavatory?

  • Which of the following is NOT an example of rhythm?

  •  Doors with a standard passage depth leading into the kitchen or bathroom MUST have a minimum clear opening of ____inches to provide clearance for a wheelchair.  

  •  Which of the following is the BEST definition for the custom quotation (stick) method of estimating the costs of a bath design remodeling?