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The final AKBD exams are almost here and the butterflies in your stomach may just make you freeze when its exam time. To help you combat this you should keep revising to keep on your feet. The quiz below is perfect for you,...

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    Some building materials once thought to be safe can now create a health hazard in the home. The age of the home will often indicate the possibility of the presences of these materials. Which hazard would not be evident base on the age of the home?

Questions: 25  |  Attempts: 2288   |  Last updated: Oct 18, 2013
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    In frame construction, studs are MOST commonly placed 

As a designer, you will be recognized as having more credibility, which translates to more earning potential and value-added to your future employers and clients if you have an AKBD certificate. Take up this quiz as you...

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    How much space is needed for a walkway with one person at the lavatory and a second person to walk behind?

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    Which of the following is NOT an example of rhythm?

Questions: 25  |  Attempts: 794   |  Last updated: Oct 18, 2013
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     The pipes for carrying wastewater out of the home are typically made of: 

AKBD Questions & Answers

Which of the following does the best fit here? The dishwasher in a kitchen should be placed within ____ inches of the edge of the cleanup sink.
Dishwasher placement to nearest edge of a sink should be within 36". Standing space between edge of the dishwasher and countertop front should be at least 21 inches.
Which grade would you recommend? A cabinetmaker is selecting plywood for cabinet doors that will be stained on both sides.
Is this accurate? I did not find any N-N plywood as I researched this question, it appeared the plywoods were only rated A thru D with A being the finest Grade
When does unit pricing work well?
A. In the replacement market.