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Which of the following does the best fit here? The dishwasher in a kitchen should be placed within ____ inches of the edge of the cleanup sink.
Dishwasher placement to nearest edge of a sink should be within 36". Standing space between edge of the dishwasher and countertop front should be at least 21 inches.
Which of the following best describes a cabinet with the nomenclature SB36
Option 2 is not complete. it should state instead of no drawers, that it has a false front.
A cabinetmaker is selecting plywood for cabinet doors that will be stained on both sides. Which grade would you recommened?
Is this accurate? I did not find any N-N plywood as I researched this question, it appeared the plywoods were only rated A thru D with A being the finest Grade
Which statement is true concerning the work triangle
The work triangle connects at the front of the cooking surface, refrigerator and sink