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  • I was created to make decisions, not just take orders.

  • My work should be the same as my ministry.

  • I not only believe I should pursue freedom, but I should lead others to it (starting with those closest to me).

  • The folowing are narrow spectrum penicillins, except:
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  • All the following describe Penicillin Gs general properties except:
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  • Penicillin G works against:
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  • You were given a Mission to rob a houseWhat will you do?

  • you are assigned to spy on your momwhat will you do..?

  • you met a Hot secret agent what will you do

  • The new version of the Premier Agent Application (4.18) was released 5/24. What is the update on the application from the recent release? Select the best answer

  • Alan reaches out to Agent Care because her video walkthrough isn’t uploading on her listing. What are some trouble shooting steps we can try before we request the agent to uninstall/reinstall the Premier Agent Application? Select all that apply 

  • Non-VVIP Agent Care Consultants should not be working VVIP Strategic Support Tickets. What should a non-VVIP Agent Care Consultant do if they come across a Strategic Support Ticket? Select the best answer