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The violin is said to be one of the most difficult musical instruments to control. Are you among the chosen few who can play it well? Show us your moves and prove to us that you are not scratching that bow on the strings for no reason. How about taking on our violin quizzes?

Can you name the parts of the violin? Do you know the different techniques associated with playing the violin? Do you know the names of the four strings in a violin? Learning how to play this instrument takes a lot of patience. That patience would sure come in handy while you go through these quizzes! Here is your chance to prove your mastery when it comes to this instrument! Fiddle around our quizzes, and learn while having fun!
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How much do you know about the violin? Take this quiz to test your wits on this special instrument!

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    What is the bottom of the violin bow called?

The quiz on the Violin is very crucial for people interested in the peaceful life of beautiful music. Because you are so familiar with the Violin, you think you know it's insides and outsides, do you think you can score an...

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    What's another name for violin?

Learning to play the violin is not easy. It requires discipline and patience but the reward that comes with it is so fulfilling. These people have certainly mastered playing the violin and the music they provide to us is...

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    Who performed entire concertos at the age of 5?


Violin Questions & Answers

What is the best material for the bow string of a violin?
Violin bows are made by stringing 150 – 200 pieces of hair from a horse’s tail. They are strung very close together, forming a ribbon and then coated with rosin, which is a wax. They use white hair from the tails of white horses, who live
What is the best material for the strings of a violin?
The best type of violin strings will depend on your playing level and needs, as well as the tonal qualities you prefer. Different violins respond better to different string types. Metal strings, for instance, are a trendy choice for violinists becaus
When was the violin invented?
Andre Amati is the person credited with inventing the first modern violin. The first four string violin was documented to have been created by Amati in 1577. Some documents show that he fashioned two three string violins between 1542 and 1546. The fi
Who is the best violinist in the world?
Sara Chang. She was born in 1980 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and she was raised in New Jersey. She was a child prodigy. She ranks as the best classical violinist for her exceptional ability, and the passion she shows with every performance. She has
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