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Twilight Saga Questions & Answers

What was Reneesmes name going to be? Bella thought Reneesme was going to be a boy.
It was not going to be "Edward Jacob". The name was going to be "EJ".
Who would win in a fight jacob or edward?
Jacob would win you all are saying Edward do to him being insanely fast and having mind reading abilities and strength but Jacob is a werewolf they are designed and meant to kill vampires Jacob is the strongest werewolf out of them all much stronger
In eclipse when bella punched jacob she ______ her hand
She hurt her hand because Jacob Kissed Bella Because he wanted Bella to choose him
How did Bella find out that Edward was a vampire?
Bella Swan and Edward Cullen are both vampires in Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series of novels. Bella first arrives in a suitably innocent form to her father's town in Washington, called Forks, hoping to meet the Cullen family. She quickly falls in l