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The main vampire from the Twilight saga is back and his hair looks better than ever. Are you ready to answer questions about your favorite shiny bloodsucker? Prepare yourself for the trivia of a lifetime. We’ve included everything related to Edward Cullen, from his story back when he was a human being, to his present family and even the car he drove in the first Twilight movie.

Actually, what car did Edward Cullen drive in the first Twilight film? What was the name of the human with which he falls in love? What was the name of the female vampire that creates an army in the third book and almost kills Edward? Brace yourself because this one is going to be tough. Are you ready to stand up for what you love?

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  • You awake in your bed all alone again and you daydream about your love, what do you daydream about him?

  • Suddenly you realise that you have over-slept, what do you do?

  • Eventually you go to wherever you dicided to go, you get there and see a figure, what do you do?

  • What do you prefer in a guy?

  • Why would you love a guy?

  • Do you have to run away from him to keep your self safe?

  • ME: To begin, I will let Jake over there go first. I dont want to hear any fighting during this quiz though. GOT IT? good. // Jacob: So, since I am first *does quiet dance* I will ask, if you could be a wareeolf why would you like it? // Edward: Typical question for a MUTT! // ME: HEY NOW FIGHTING!
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  • ME: OKAY, now Eddie it is your turn but I have to go to the bathroom so TRY not to kill each other. *leaves* // Edward: Well what do you like about us Vampires? // Jacob: IF you like them. // Edward: This is my question please do not interupt. // Jacob: Got a problem LEECH?! // Edward: *shoves banana down Jacobs throat.* // *they get into a random oblect throwing fight.*
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  • ME: I am back people! *dodges Jacobs shoe* HEY I SAID NO FIGHTING! // ED/JAKE: Fine. *they sit down* // Jacob:Okay it is MY turn. // Edward: Um I think that it is my turn. // Jacob: NU UH! You talked when SHE *points at me* was at the potty! *hits Edward with dictiony* // Edward: grr, you are lucky I have a strong skull. Since I am mature, unlike someone, *cough jacob cough cough*, Ill let you go. // Jacob: FINALLY! Which would you be and why? Vamp or Wolf?
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  • Q1. Me: what do you prefer vamp or wolf?

  • Q2.Me: Jacob you go first Jacob: If you and me where going out what would you do with me? Edward: ughhh

  • Q3 Me: Edward you can go next Edward: yes Jacob: no its my turn Edward: Jacob the girl said it was my turn so SHUT UP Jacob: fine Edward: okay whats you favorite smell?