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This is the movie that drastically changed everything you thought you knew about vampires. Fangs have been replaced by, well, nothing basically and the vulnerability towards sunlight has been replaced by none other than sparkling skin. A movie that was adored by millions worldwide, Twilight makes the subject of our quizzes below.

Are you ready to stand by Edward Cullen and fight for what’s right? How many members does Edward’s family have? What is the name of the girl with which Edward falls in love? What is the name of the werewolf that is Edward’s rival? How many members did the vampire gang that appeared in the first movie have? Find out more by taking our Twilight quizzes. Everyone is out for blood now.

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  • What would you rather do?

  • Who would be your dream guy?

  • What is the worst thing that is listed below?

  • Okay so if you had one power what would it be?

  • you see a little girl on the ground with a skinned knee you...

  • its raining its pooring the old man is...

  • When making a decision, what do you follow more?

  • If you could choose, where would you live?

  • What comes to mind when you think of blood?

  • Whats your favourite body temperature?
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  • Are you a werewolf fan?
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  • Pick the sentence that best describes you:
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