Top Jacob Black Quizzes & Trivia

Some know him as Taylor Lautner, teen dream extraordinaire. Some know him as ‘that werewolf dude from the Twilight films’. Either way, Jacob Black has wormed his way into the public subconscious, with his rippling muscles and his heartfelt love for best friend, Bella. This is the place for those on ‘Team Jacob’ to prove their worth, challenging themselves with quizzes from our experts that are guaranteed to have even the most dedicated fangirls wracking their brains!

What’s the name of Jacob Black’s dad? How old is he when he first transforms into a werewolf? What does Jacob do to make jaws drop at the end of Eclipse, the third book/movie? If we told you, that’d be cheating! Take our amazing quizzes today – if you come out on top, you truly deserve to be Team Jacob all the way!

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