Are You Right For Jacob Black? (Girls Only!)

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| By Brianna_Black
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Jacob Black Quizzes & Trivia

Me: Is Jacob Black your guy? Jacob: I don't know. Why am I here anyway? You said this was a vampire jail. I was all excited but turns out this is just a stupid quiz. I wanted to throw edward in here :_(Edward: Hey! Then you tricked me Jacob! You said this place had animals! i let myself starve until it was time to go!(Edward throws chair at Jacob)Jacob: Hey! You're gonna pay!Me: STOP! Pay attention! This girl is here to take the quiz! Ask her some questions!Jacob: Fine. . . . .

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

     Jacob: Pick an one...Edward: Pick vampire!Jacob: SHUT UP EDWARD!!!Me: Stop it you 2!

    • A.


    • B.


    • C.


    • D.


    • E.

      Stay late with increased energy

    • F.

      Leave early with decreased energy

  • 2. 

    Jacob: Are you Team Edward, Team Jacob, or Team Switzerland? Pick me!!!!!Edward: No pick me!!!!! I don't have fleas!!!!!Bella: I would say Switzerland

    • A.

      Team Jacob

    • B.

      Team Edward

    • C.

      Team Switzerland (means you like both)

  • 3. 

    Jacob: Would you want to use your werewolf powers for good or bad?Edward: What kind of question is that? Thats stupid!Jacob: SHUT UP!Bella: stop it you 2!Me: (sighs)

    • A.

      Good! All those bloodsuckers need to die!!!!!! Jacob: Awesome!!!!

    • B.

      Bad! I would destroy anything that was in my way!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

    • C.

      I would just want to be pet and scratched all day long! It feels good! (all back away slowly)

  • 4. 

    Edward: MY TURN MY TURN!!!!!!Jacob: Heck no!!! The title is r u good for me! Not you!Edward: I can ask questions too! Right Brianna?!Bella: I am leaving before this gets out of hand..... AGAIN!!!!!!Edward: Right Brianna!?Me: Uhhhhhhh.......(Edward hypmotyzes with eyes)Me: Y-y-yes Edward your right. Y-y-you should ask a questionJacob: Quit it!!!!!! That's not fair! (Jacob smacks Edward to stop him)Edward: OW! Hey!!!!!Me: W-what happened. By the way Edward. Jacob asks all the questions hereEdward: AwwwwwwwwwJacob: Ok. Would you say yes if i imprinted on you?

    • A.

      YES YES YES!!!!!! Who couldn't say no!

    • B.

      Naaaahhhh! You're easy to say no to

  • 5. 

    Me: Hey guys. This is getting out of hand so last questionJacob & Edward: Fine...Jacob: Would you kiss me right now if you could?Edward & Me: :O

    • A.

      Yes!!!!!! (you jump on Jacob) Jacob: AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Not like that phsyco!!!!!!!

    • B.

      Sure...... i guess (you walk up to jacob)

    • C.

      No!!!!! those dog lips could've been on anything!

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