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Where do you fall on the Bella Swan obsession scale? How much do you identify with this “every girl”? Our quizzes will help you find out. Learn more about this Twilight character as you're asked questions like, what is Bella known for, aside from lacking personality and emotion? Flip through the pages of Stephanie Meyers' series and put your knowledge on the line.

Who portrayed Bella in the Twilight movies? Where did she first see Edward Cullen? What are Bella Swan's hobbies? Do you know what she enjoys doing when she is not crying or questioning why she's alive (we wonder that too, Bella, we wonder that too)? Come along and test your Bella IQ in the quizzes that lay ahead! Better get in a vampire state of mind. 

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Bella Swan Questions and Answers

  • Who does Bella LOVE!?!?!
    Bella swan question from

  • What is Bella's fav color?
    Bella swan question from

  • Fave Show???!!
    Bella swan question from

  • Quantos anos Bella Swan tinha quando decidiu que não passaria mais suas férias de verão em Forks ?
    Bella swan question from

  • Qual o shaampo preferido de Bella Swan?
    Bella swan question from

  • Em que dia e mês Bella Swan foi transformada em Vampira?
    Bella swan question from

  • As your sitting in your room at your dads house you hear a truck close to your house. Do you go see who it is?
    Bella swan question from

  • The noise is so loud that you have to get up and see who it is. When you get outside you see your dad talking to someone. As you get closer you see two people. One is a 16 year old and the other an old man. Your dad leaves to talk to the old man and your alone with the 16 year old boy. Do you know who he is?
    Bella swan question from

  • After close examination you are sure that you remember him and that his name is Jake. He looks kinda nervous though. Are you going to tell him you know him?
    Bella swan question from

  • You are at a party, where are you and what are you doing?
    Bella swan question from

  • If you just found out the guy you had a crush on is a vampire, what would you do?
    Bella swan question from

  • What is your favorite color?
    Bella swan question from

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