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    An instruction to carry out operations on the numerical data

Below is a basic test on MS Excel Spreadsheets. This is a test to find out how much you know about spreadsheets how to use them effectively too. Give it a shot and see just how much revision you should do before the midterms are...

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    What is the cell that you are working on called?  

Spreadsheet terminology is confusing as it is a combination of formulae and presentation diction. This quiz comprises of a bunch of questions that will help you to understand the terminology used. All the best.

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    What is the name of the square or box in a spreadsheet called?

Excel spreadsheets are all to do with mathematics and formulae using the computer. Well, before mastering it all, you need a lot of time investment into it. Take up the quiz below and assess your knowledge on spreadsheet...

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    Which is the active cell?

Study your notes on Wordprocessing and Spreadsheets before trying out this test.

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    Both a wordprocessor and a spreadsheet

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Spreadsheet Questions & Answers

The clipboard is
A temporary memory area (buffer) on which cut or copied items can be temporarily stored
Allows the user to automatically create personalised documents by combining a wordprocessing document with a data list like a spreadsheet