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  • Why were Africans chosen for slavery?
    Why were Africans chosen for slavery?
    Africans were chosen for slaver because they were the only people that had a different skin color and didn't speak the "whites" people language. All countries had something to offer China had tea and rice and America had the mais. Africa offered people. Africans were slaved under their own people and were passed to white people that visited.

  • Which country banned slavery last?
    Which country banned slavery last?
    The abolition of slavery occurred at different times in the world, which is to say that it happened differently as a result of amended laws, actions, and influences. However, of all countries to end the slave trade in the world, Mauritania happens to be last to stop such barbaric act. Mauritania, being a French colony had at first implemented a law banning slave trade in 1905, but the fact that the country vastness caused the law not to stand, and the act of slavery continued till 1981, thus making the country the last country to abolish the slave trade, owing to a presidential decree. Even at that, the country still didn't have any criminal law that enforced the order, not until 2007, when the country passed a government law that prosecuted slave dealers. Although the act of slavery has completely being banned in all nations of the world, some practices relating continues all over the world.

  • Which of the following was nota feature of the Sugar Revolution?
    Which of the following was nota feature of the Sugar Revolution?
    A decrease in the price of sugar is the correct answer

  • What does the term "Nigger" mean?
    What does the term "Nigger" mean?
    This is a very hateful term used by racists to demean people from Africa or people of African decent. This word was used in the southern part of the United States during and after slavery to make black Americans feel like they were less worthy than white Americans. Some people still use the term today if they are trying to insult a black person. This word is considered hate speech in the United States and if it is used in an official capacity, the person using the word could be prosecuted in a court of law in the United States. It is not an acceptable term to use in any way.

  • What was the economics behind slavery?
    What was the economics behind slavery?
    Slavery was based on making money. Plantation owners wanted workers to harvest the crops and take care of the land. They would do the grueling work on a farm. They worked long hours in the hot sun. The owners would make a lot of money because they were not having to pay for their workers. Instead, they merely made these people live poor lives. Then the owners collected money of all the profits they would collect from their crops. Instead, they made large amounts of money and they continued to make lots of money due to the laws. The laws allowed for slavery and over time more and more states stopped slavery and would not allow it. However, it took a matter of years before slavery stopped and plantation owners had to do the right things and hire workers and pay them.

  • Why did Africans participate in the enslavement of their own people?
    Why did Africans participate in the enslavement of their own people?
    In the 1800s and probably even before that people were enslaved in order for certain people to get what they wanted. For instance Europeans came over to the United States and acquired land. One way that they got this land was to force Native Americans off their own land. Another way that Europeans who now became citizens of the United States were able to get richer was by purchasing slaves. It originate it by leaders and property owners going to Africa and giving the African tribal leaders money or goods that the leaders deemed valuable. In exchange the African leaders gave them the people of their villages to be slaves. I think the main reason that these African tribal leaders gave people was for the money and to get richer.

  • What are some mind-blowing facts about slavery?
    What are some mind-blowing facts about slavery?
    Slavery seems like a word that has one definition and is easy to understand. It also seems like slavery only took place in the 1700s and 1800s because that seems to be when most people remember it. However, slavery has been taking place for hundreds of years and probably started at the beginning of human existence or soon to that. Also, people think that slavery has ended. It may not be as prevalent as it once was, but it continues to happen to this day. It happens everywhere. Whenever someone is forced to work and held against their will, this is a form of slavery. One unusual event in Ancient Rome is when masters and their slaves would change places during a specific festival.

  • Should John Brown be considered a terrorist or a patriot?
    Should John Brown be considered a terrorist or a patriot?
    John Brown was a man during the time of the Civil War and he was very much opposed to slavery. As matter of fact, he would go about trying to stop slavery. Most of the ways in which he tried to stop slavery was through violence. Some people think that john brown might’ve been crazy because who rant and rave a lot. Some other people believe that he did a lot of good. Since his cause was favorable in the eyes of people today, he is probably viewed as a patriot instead of the terrorist. However during those times he hurt many people who got his way in order to stop slavery. Therefore people would assume that he was a terrorist due to his actions.

  • Why didn't slaves run away from the continental US if they were exploited?
    Why didn't slaves run away from the continental US if they were exploited?
    It was very difficult for slaves to run away from their masters. It seems like a easy suggestion for slaves to run away but it was really difficult for them to do. First they had to have a place to go to. The places up north that might protect runaway slaves was very far away. Since slaves did not have money, they had to rely on the kindness of others to help them escape. At one time slave masters would pay people to turn in runaway slaves. So the slaves had to remember that. Another reason why slaves may not have run away is because their families were split up and they wanted to stay on the plantation in case their family members came back.

  • What is true about Treaty of Tordesillas?
    What is true about Treaty of Tordesillas?
    Allowed for both Spain and Portugal to have equal rights of possession in the New World

  • What was the main aim of Columbuss for his first voyage to the Caribbean?
    What was the main aim of Columbuss for his first voyage to the Caribbean?
    Reach the Spice Islands in the East

  • Did black people deserved to be slaved? What's your opinion?
    Did black people deserved to be slaved? What's your opinion?
    No one deserves to be slaved. Even if it benefits the economy like it did in the South, nobody should be enslaved. The slave masters should go to prison for a long time. There is a difference between being enslaved and being in prison. People were brought over on the Middle Passage to American in order to work in the plantation fields. They worked long hard hours. That was if they survived the journey across the ocean. Many slaves died as a result of the harsh conditions. Plus, the slave masters would punish these slaves. They lived hard lives. Also, the laws at this time allowed for people to keep slaves so it was difficult for the slaves to escape.

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