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Slavery is a grim topic. In the past, slavery was widespread in many societies, and was the norm. Thankfully slavery’s prevalence has declined somewhat. However, unfortunately, slavery still exists in today’s world, in many different forms. Why not test yourself and see what you know about slavery?

Do you know the estimated number of sex slaves in America today? What is debt bondage? When did the transatlantic slave trade peak? Do you know the percentage of Ethiopian marriages today considered to be “marriage by abduction”? When did Saudi Arabia officially ban slavery? These are just some of the questions you will be faced with in our slavery quiz. This quiz is eye-opening and may shock and surprise you a little, but, nonetheless, you are sure to learn something new. Good luck!

Welcome to the trivia facts quiz on African Americans: History of Slavery in the United States! America in the olden days took part in taking people from their homes in Africa and shipping them to be sold off as property to be...

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    A key difference between the indigenous peoples of North America and those of South America was

This is a quiz to test your knowledge on African Americans and slavery, between the time period of 1775-1828. Lets see how well you've been paying attention!

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    What significance did spiritual singing have on slaves?

A quick interactive quiz to see how much information you know about slavery in America.

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    What is Harriet Tubman's real name?

The history of slavery in the United States of America is something that every student to date needs to be aware of some claimed it was a necessary evil since most people who fought for America to be here were descendants of some...

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    Did slaves get wiped when they ran away?

Africans were forcibly brought to British owned colonies in the Caribbean and sold as slaves to work on plantations and many meet their end in the journey. The sugar industry was a large economic source and the slaves ensured...

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    The Treaty of Tordesillas

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Slavery Questions & Answers

Why were Africans chosen for slavery?
Africans were chosen for slaver because they were the only people that had a different skin color and didn't speak the "whites" people language. All countries had something to offer China had tea and rice and America had the mais. Africa of
Which country banned slavery last?
The abolition of slavery occurred at different times in the world, which is to say that it happened differently as a result of amended laws, actions, and influences. However, of all countries to end the slave trade in the world, Mauritania happens t
What do the encomienda, mita, and debt peonage have in common?
Encomienda, mita and debt peonage are notable names. They were involved in the provision of labor. Historically, they were all economic systems and were employed for providing labor for the Spanish migrants. These migrants, in turn, were seeking to m
Which of the following was nota feature of the Sugar Revolution?
A decrease in the price of sugar is the correct answer