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Many countries have a history of slavery and it has shaped various cultural norms and practices around the world. Check out these online slavery quizzes and see what all you know and enhance your understanding.

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Africans were forcibly brought to British owned colonies in the Caribbean and sold as slaves to work on plantations and many meet their end in the journey. The sugar industry was a large economic source and the slaves ensured...

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    The Treaty of Tordesillas

This is a quiz to test your knowledge on African Americans and slavery, between the time period of 1775-1828. Lets see how well you've been paying attention!

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    What significance did spiritual singing have on slaves?

“Abolition” refers to the movement to end slavery. It was a historical movement in Western Europe and the Americas to set slaves free dating back to 1315 in France and being fully adopted in the USA in the 1800s.

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    Which term below is defined as “someone who wants to ban slavery?”

Welcome to the trivia facts quiz on African Americans: History of Slavery in the United States! America in the olden days took part in taking people from their homes in Africa and shipping them to be sold off as property to be...

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    A key difference between the indigenous peoples of North America and those of South America was

The Triangular trade system was one complicated and dark part of our history. Even though this trading point was the economic gain, the fact that slaves were traded for other products is quite devastating. It's important to...

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    Across which ocean did the Triangular trade happen? 

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Slavery Questions & Answers

Which country banned slavery last?
The abolition of slavery occurred at different times in the world, which is to say that it happened differently as a result of amended laws, actions, and influences. However, of all countries to end the slave trade in the world, Mauritania happens t
What does the term "Nigger" mean?
This is a very hateful term used by racists to demean people from Africa or people of African decent. This word was used in the southern part of the United States during and after slavery to make black Americans feel like they were less worthy than w
What was the economics behind slavery?
Slavery was based on making money. Plantation owners wanted workers to harvest the crops and take care of the land. They would do the grueling work on a farm. They worked long hours in the hot sun. The owners would make a lot of money because they we
Why did Africans participate in the enslavement of their own people?
In the 1800s and probably even before that people were enslaved in order for certain people to get what they wanted. For instance Europeans came over to the United States and acquired land. One way that they got this land was to force Native American
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