Slave Trade Quizzes & Trivia

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    Where did the slaves usually work?

This a multiple choice quiz about slavery and the middle passage

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    Which continent were the first slaves from

Quiz on slave life

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    Slaves worked:

Slave trade was one of the main reasons why Africans were moved from their motherland back in the day. The practice was inhumane and is still practices to date in some countries even under human rights organization watchful...

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    Aside from Africa which other continents were involved in the slave trade?

This exam is to be taken with utmost seriousness.Do NOT lie about any of the following questions.The Example Area MUST be done correctly or it will result in an autofailure.

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    Are you loyal?Would you have only ONE master, only ONE person to perform sexual acts upon.

Slave Trade Questions & Answers

Is it really true all slaves that European slave traders took were captured by force, and all African communities fought to prevent Europeans from taking slaves from their lands?This...
False. Some African villages sold bad Africans or the ones that needed to be punished to the English. And not all were taken by force.some were tricked
Did we need the slave trade?
Why was the slave trade needed when people were really hurt and killed?