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    Europeans were the first to start the African Slave trade

This exam is to be taken with utmost seriousness.Do NOT lie about any of the following questions.The Example Area MUST be done correctly or it will result in an autofailure.

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    Are you loyal?Would you have only ONE master, only ONE person to perform sexual acts upon.

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    Where did the slaves usually work?

This a multiple choice quiz about slavery and the middle passage

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    Which continent were the first slaves from

Slave trade was one of the main reasons why Africans were moved from their motherland back in the day. The practice was inhumane and is still practices to date in some countries even under human rights organization watchful...

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    Aside from Africa which other continents were involved in the slave trade?


Slave Trade Questions & Answers

Who was the fisrt one to start slavery in Africa?
Back in 1472 the Portugese made the first slave trade agreement for the gold and ivory market. By 1641 the African labour had enabled Virginia to become wealthy, thanks to the growing of tobacco and cotton. The poor English could work out their 7 yea
Why did slave trade start?
It was because poor English settlers naturally wanted a better lifestyle once they had worked their necessary 7 years and moved on, that the new landowners thought they had better find a way of hanging on to the non-English workers. The Africans were
Why did slave trade come to an end?
Eventually, philosophers back in Britain, intellectuals who had time to study ethics as well as abolitionists in the northern US began to turn public opinion against slavery in the 19th century. There were riots by slaves, bringing their plight to th
Why do we celebrate slave trade day on 23rd August?
The United Nations chose August 23rd to celebrate an International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition. It is to remind people of the millions of lives that were stolen through enslavement. On this day in 1791, an uprising o
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