Abolitionism Quizzes & Trivia

Abolitionism was the movement to end slavery across the world. Even after countries outlawed the slave trade, slaves were still kept as laborers and would have to be bought and sold in private. How much do you know about this...

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    Which country first abolished the Slave Trade Act in 1807?

Quizing on you mid-term exam.

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    What is the Louisiana Purchase?

Abolitionism Questions & Answers

When did the Abolitionist movement start?
The answer to this question is B. This is the type of move that was done in order to abolish slavery. There are some people who use the term abolitionism in order to end formally and informally. There are some people who have become frustrated with t
What was the Cold War about?
Many centuries with fear and tenaion between the U.S and Russia.
What is a abolitionist?
A person who wants to end slavery.
What is a Hemisphere?
Half of the earth.