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The Fitzpatrick scale, developed by Thomas B. Fitzpatrick in 1975, is a numerical classification schema for identifying human skin colour accurately. It was developed as a means to estimate the response of varying skin types to...

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    What is your eye color?

This is a music quiz about the major scale

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    What is a scale?

A scale factor in an equation is the number that is multiplied by a certain quantity. Do you need some assistance in understanding this factor and how it is identified? All of the images below are similar figures. Determine the...

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    In any given scale the fifth tone is called the ______________.

One of the sub-topic of business growth

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    Economies of scale is also known as...

Scale Questions & Answers

What is the actual distance from Gainesville to Columbus in miles? The map of Georgia has a scale of 1/2 inches = 12mi. The map shows the distance from Gainesville to Columbus is 4 inches.
The correct answer is option C On the map, ½ inches = 12mi And the distance from Gainesville to Columbus is 4 inches. Then, the actual distance from Gainesville to Columbus will be: 4 inches = ? If ½ inches = 12 4 inches = 8 (1/2 inches
What is the difference between Richter Scale and Mercalli Scale?
There are two major ways to measure an earthquake effect, of which two different apparatus are used for the measurements. You can measure an earthquake based on the magnitude of seismic energy, or based on the intensity, that is the effects it has on
What is the difference between Balance and Scale?
Scales and balances are machines that are used to weigh objects. These terms are often confused with one another, and they are used interchangeably. However, the process by which this is done is different from one another. Scales work to measure weig
What is the difference between ABEC 5 and ABEC 7?
The ABEC is known to be a rating system. If you are a skater or you are familiar with using the skateboard, then you know that these are two different things. ABEC means Annular Bearings Engineerings Committee. The higher the ABEC values, the higher